ECUADOR BIKE RENTAL by SLEIPNER awarded with TripAdvisor certificate. Quito, Ecuador – May 28, 2019. The world’s most trusted travel review website TripAdvisor has awarded Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner their first Certificate Of Excellence, granted to establishments that have achieved a leading in Excellence in Execution in their operations, which is reflected in the satisfaction of their customers via their reviews on their services. “After two years of successful operations, and over 500 happy clients, their feedback based on service survey tools have helped us tons to improve our services continuously and to take it to the next level. Its been a wonderful two first years, filled with hard work and reflected in our customer’s faces once they finish their experience satisfied and willing to come back to see what they missed of the country. Our staff makes the difference in the service, they all are at least bilingual, and our guides are very well acquainted with our country’s backroads and activities here. What to see and what to do to get the most out of our customer’s visit…” says the spokesman David Garces “our customers end up being our friends, and we have close contact with them. We strive to make them feel like part of the family”. To be able to accomplish this remarkable feat in a bit less than two years, the company had to comply with TripAdvisor high level of satisfaction. This is quantified by the number of reviews the company has received in a time frame, added to the overall rating of the reviewers. This achievement is earned over time to businesses that have delivered consistently excellent service and that approximately represent the 10% of total companies listed on TripAdvisor. This is one of the most reliable sources as its impossible to pay for these awards, unlike other certificate programs. This accolade is not the first one that the company receives. A year ago, the company was also awarded the “Distintivo Q” from Quito Turismo in Ecuador. This one is given to high standard Tourism Operators all around Ecuador, this also includes Hotels, restaurants and venues where the highest service quality is achieved and can be considered a focal trusted tourism point. “its extremely hard to get this award, specially in La Mariscal area in Quito which is considered the main touristic point in Ecuador’s capital. The company’s standard needed to be raised in such a short period in many fronts: system reliability, process management, supply chain, social responsibility, and of course, service quality. This is our second year honored with the award and along with the certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor, is a major recognition for keeping our customers happy,” adds Bryan Villamil the general manager.  

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