KTM – 1290 Super Adventure R, is a motorcycle that has a 1301 cc V-twin engine, having 160 horsepower that will make your trip much easier, giving you the pleasure of enjoying each of the roads you have to go through, the places you choose to visit making it a versatile all-terrain motorcycle.

  Regarding its ergonomics, comfort, and electronics, since it is a motorcycle that will be used for tough roads because its seat is somewhat hard since it takes into account the hours of travel that will be made and normally seats are progressively worn by those who over time it will soften much more. It has a weight of 210kg which can be somewhat heavy but manageable and of course, its size is masterful since it is designed so that it can go anywhere, contemplating those Ecuadorean landscapes with rustic and rocky roads, KTM is one of the best options.

    It is a motorcycle that attracts the eyes of all those who are around it, appearing imposing with its led daytime running light, also showing the anti-glare flat screen and the keyless operating system. Additionally, a mix of riding modes (four: sport, street, rain, and off-road) and fully adjustable suspension, anti-lock brakes (ABS), Quick shifter on both ways, and motorcycle traction. Added to this, the easy-to-download application called KTM My Ride, will assist you with directions and making your Phone-helmet set interaction more pleasant. Under your seat, you keep more sensors and electronic aids, such as accelerometers that allow the bike to be sensitive to lean, it recognizes the angle to which you are leaning and reacts accordingly, whether this is with the ABS system, the traction control, or the headlight use. Its 1301cc engine will leave a noticeable smile on your face and a tireless sensation when you open the throttle.

Thus giving you one of the best experiences when driving it.

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