Essentials for your first MotoAdventure on Ecuador

If you’re wondering what to pack for your first Motorcycle Adventure on Ecuador, I got you on this. After lots of emails and whatsapps with the same question, What should I pack for my next trip to Ecuador? I resolved to write this to help all the newbies  on this exciting adventure tourism path. And as you might think, it is not as easy as it sounds.

The first reason is you will be traveling to ride a motorcycle in another country and second, If it’s your first time in the country or even more in South America. Not many people know a lot about South America, far less any about Ecuador or where it is located. People know about our country because of our beautiful landscapes and sure, Galapagos, some think the country is just a bunch of jungle areas and small communities… a bit sad.

Taking in account that many people know a lot of our neighbor Colombia or Peru, definitely their governments and its own citizens have done a better job when talking about promoting their countries and cultures. That is probably the main reason why we as Ecuador Bike Rental choose this winding path, to promote our country and let the world know more about us, sure, with a twist… going around riding motorcycles, off roading through it’s mountains, valleys, volcanos, jungles and watching beautiful sunsets next to astonishing beaches. As Ecuador is a lot to take in, I prepared some of the “really”essentials for your next adventure. 


Talking about currency:

If you come from the USA, you don’t have to worry, as this country has been ruled by dollars since the 2000s. You will find better prices on food and accommodation compared to the states. If you’re from abroad, it’s useful to bring dollars as they’re commonly accepted in small shops and restaurants here.

Tip: In restaurants, we tip for the service, but is not as high as in the states. It’s common to leave USD1 to USD5 tips (depending on the restaurant), but check the bill for service charges.

Phones & Technology:

We use 120v and the plug usually is type A/B. Plug type A features two flat parallel pins, while plug type B includes two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. You will be able to find one on the airport or probably something more affordable somewhere around the city, better if it is a shop – don’t get fooled by the street vendors, as the accessories quality they sell is not always the best and it can damage your devices-. Better to pay a bit more, but they’ll last a lot longer.

Data and networks:

Plenty of options on the market for this, some with affordable prices and others with better coverage… what is best? For stays of a few days or weeks, you need a company that provides both reliability and flexibility. At Ecuador Bike Rental, we always purchase SIM cards and suggest Claro for its widespread coverage and reasonable prices.

Sim Cards usually cost around USD5 and you can get a phone plan for USD10 up to USD30 (depending on how active you’re on social media) this will last the whole month. 

Personal Accessories:

Are you a light traveler or do you pack the entire house on each trip? Let’s stick to the essentials; focus on what you’ll bring to Ecuador for a great adventure. This country is unique, that’s not in doubt, but what really attracts travelers is its awesome weather.

Ecuador, situated on the equator, avoids extreme temperatures. Highlands can be chilly, but never as low as -20°C or as high as 40°C. An all purpose jacket would be nice, nothing too thin but not a heavy coat either. Rain boots, a good SPF+50 sunscreen as in this country the sun hits differently ( it really does), insect repellent and if you’re under medication, bring your medicine, as in Ecuador it is really difficult to find a pharmacy that sells medication without an Ecuadorian doctor prescription.

Documents: This can sound silly, but bring all the documents you may require. Ecuador bike rental do require driver license with a motorcycle endorsement to complete the reservation, but do not forget to bring, your passport and a copy of it, travel insurance, and COVID19 travel documents if applicable 

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