We Have The New Roya Enfield Himalayan 2022

We are happy to present our recent acquisition. The new Roya Enfield Himalayan 2022, was designed by the brand to achieve a very reliable engine with good performance at low and medium revolutions to facilitate passage through any difficult terrain.

  We were very curious about this new version of this bike since we did very well with the previous one. The truth is that its exterior design has not changed much from what we were used to seeing, but that does not stop it from being beautiful. To that, we must add all the good comments about this bike. The sure thing is that it leaves no one indifferent. It really is a bike you want to get your hands on and start riding. As you approach the bike, you realize that it is somewhat elevated. But not as tall as an Africa Twin. And when you put your leg over the seat, you discover that it is not as tall as it seems. Sure, the stance lets you see over cars, but the seat somehow allows you to get to the ground pretty well, perfect for people of all heights looking for a strong, safe bike to ride.

The interior of the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 2022 remains the same (engine and components of the motorcycle) but improved from an ergonomic point of view. This motorcycle is capable of enveloping you in a feeling of insatiable adventure where what counts is the journey and not the destination, nor the time it takes to get there. With its maximum power of 24 hp, it is at the entry line of the A2 license, but it goes further: young and old can enjoy the spirit of the road. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a different motorcycle than what we are used to. Extraordinary adventurer, great value for money, its robustness, reliability, ease of handling, and exceptional comfort are its main arguments. All this revolves around a compendium of simple components, in a way Spartan, that interact in a very harmonious way. When time is not pressing, the scenery is stunning and the road you drive on is practically indifferent to you because it drives the same on the highway as on a muddy dirt road. Himalayan is the Indian brand’s first foray into off-road racing. The personality and spirit that surround this model are so strong that it crossed borders and conquered the hearts of pilots on five continents.

We Have The New Roya Enfield Himalayan 2022.

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