Ride a Motorcycle Safely

Riding a motorcycle gives a feeling of freedom, twisting of the accelerator, feeling the air and the movement of this vehicle, you think you have the total hang of it, “controlling it”, however, the risks are multiple. To ride a Motorcycle Safely so that the integrity of the pilot won´t be threatened. We can avoid any type of accident by paying close attention while riding a motorcycle, but we must always be aware of other things. Here are 10 tips from Harley Davison so you can ride your motorcycle more safely: 1. Helmet use. This element will protect you in the event of a fall or crash. Keep in mind that in addition to protecting you from possible injuries, it reduces wind noise. Wearing a helmet can save your life.

2. Motorcycle in optimal conditions. Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition before you hit the streets and/or highways. Check tires, lights, clutch, mirrors, and brakes. There should be no problem driving. We recommend that you take your motorcycle to a mechanic for a complete service. 3. Attention. When you are about to start at a traffic light, even if it is green, ALWAYS check that no one is going to cross it, the probability of colliding with another vehicle “in motion” puts your life at risk. 4. Brake control. When approaching an intersection, slow down so you can stop quickly if necessary. You have to look for other vehicles or pedestrians that could represent danger, if you know where they come from you will be able to direct your attention to the road without any problem. 5. Go and be seen. Check and verify that your lights are in perfect working order, especially when driving at night or in places where light conditions are zero.

6. Distance. When you drive between cars, try to keep a safe distance so that the cars can see you and allow you to react to unforeseen maneuvers by them and thus avoid a possible crash, a slight brush with another car is capable of causing a dangerous fall. 7. Not so fast. In traffic and if the cars are stopped, try to drive slowly (maximum 20 km/h), to be able to brake in time in case a door opens (another of the “classic” accidents in the city). 8. Notify. Mirrors, turn signals, and changes of direction were invented for a reason, ALWAYS use them when you make a change of direction as well as to check out of the corner of your eye that there is no vehicle parallel to or slightly behind your motorcycle. 9. Respect. You do not drive alone, there are pedestrians, vehicles, animals, and objects, you must pay attention to those that may suddenly appear in your way, as is the case of streets with parked vehicles, and avoid any run-over.

10. Responsibility. NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol, always do it calmly and very seriously. All up to you…  

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