We all have had problems when doing an adventure on our own, it may be with addresses, places to stay, where to buy, places of interest, etc. That is why we want to offer you a list of applications that will serve you when you make a trip to any part of the world, these applications you can always carry with you on your cell phone. (These applications you can always carry with you on your cell phone.)

  1.  Maps. ME

This application is the most recommended by us and the most used by travelers to be able to visit Ecuador without any problem. Whether is an adventure on asphalt or on dirt, this application has all the roads to create awesome routes in the country. A very pleasant and easy-to-use application, it offers us a platform to make hotel reservations, with points of interest in each place, where to eat, gas stations on the route, and a travel guide that depending on the place can cost less than $ 1 and more options that will facilitate our trip. The best thing of all is that it is free, without advertising or surprises and you can use it without having to have service on your cell phone, all you need to do is download the map of the country, province, or city where you are going before starting your trip, so you will have access to all your options without needing internet or cellular connection. Another feature is that you can import GPS routes made to be able to follow them, being able to make your route previously from your home and for when you start your adventure just follow the pre-established route. You can mark the sites that interest you the most or that you have visited to have them as a souvenir and a record of your visits. The downside is that from the application you can use limited points to trace the route, besides start and finish.  

2. Calimoto

A highly recommended application for those who have a little more experience with GPS files and navigation since this is very complete and can make fully automated or manual routes for the route you want. Like the previous one, it has a very advanced navigation system, it can import a GPS route to be able to follow it during your trip. This application can also be used to automatically plan a ride determining the direction, time, and distance you want, so the application will make a new route for you every time you want to go out or escape for a while from the monotony. The condition of this application is that you can only download a map of a province for free, if you want more you must pay $ 40 a year.  

3. OsmAnd

One of the applications most used by travelers for routes. Although its interface is a little slow and a little more complicated to use, it is complete with a complete catalog of streets and routes, another advantage is that it is completely free and can be used in offline mode without the need to have a cellular connection. It has incorporated a small travel guide of the places you want to visit, it is not very complete but if you want more information about the places you can always count on our guided tours ;).  

4.- CityMaps2Go.

  This application has offline maps. Recommended if you want to have a record of your trip, you can review highlights, hotels, restaurants, museums, and more attractions of the place. The issue is that it does not have the option of directions so you must use another application to get to the point you want, the good thing is that you can use it as a very complete travel guide. Like other applications you have a free option and a much more complete paid one, this paid version can be obtained from $ 15.00 to $ 20.00 but it is worth paying for it in case you want a self-guided adventure since it’s a travel guide is very complete.  

5. Wikilok

The best option for motorcycle travel, discover routes created by adventure-loving users. It has an immense database of routes of different difficulties, percentage of dirt, type of motorcycle, etc. It has an interface that allows you to follow the route or create your own route and share it with the world so that everyone can enjoy your same emotion when discovering a path. You can discover our routes by following us on our user, Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner, so you will have an additional option for your trip. The terms and conditions are that if you want to use all its functions you must pay $ 10 a year.

6. iOverlander.

Better known as the traveler’s bible. Very intuitive to use, it takes a bit of time to react but it is worth the wait, a complete guide made by travelers, not by owners of the places, and also 100% free. If you do not trust much of the comments of people on other applications or web pages, this is the application you must have, you can review comments on the places made 100% by real people who have visited them since they are the ones who mark the hotels, restaurants, and others, additional if your plan is a little more adventurous, you can find recommended places to camp, to carry out activities, dangerous places and very useful notices provided by people who you can trust 100%. You choose the filters you want to use for your search. This app does not have an address interface but you can always use one of the previous options, but mixed with maps. they become the perfect Travel companion. Other applications that we can recommend and are worth merit are:  

7. Kurviger.

For point-to-point navigation, you can increase several stops along the way.  

8. Relive.

You will be able to record your route with a GPS tracking that when finished, is exported to a video on a map.  

9. Gaia Gps.

Application to navigate with very accurate addresses.  

10. Waze.

Address navigator and warnings of speed cameras and obstacles on the road.   We hope you find these suggestions useful for your next trip wherever you go. In combination with any of our rental motorcycles, KTM, HONDA, DUCATI, Royal Enfield, or SUZUKI, and the country of the four worlds, you’ll have an awesome experience. More than 30 routes are all prepared and ready for you. With the aid of other customers that by following our suggestions and mixing them with our routes, a special product was created. We hope you enjoy your next visit to Ecuador with us.

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