The best places for whale watching in Ecuador.

Salinas is one of the spots for whale watching, not only from boats but also on land, from the sector of La Chocolatera. Ecuador opened in mid-June the whale watching season for humpback whales which, during the dry season in the equatorial Pacific, arrive from Antarctica. So, this are the best places for whale watching in Ecuador.

Where to see the whales.

Along with the coastal profile, you can find many places that offer whale-watching tourism. The infrastructure and services differ from one place to another, however, the most important thing is the security they can have with the boat and the crew in charge, which should be formed by a captain, sailor, and naturalist guide, according to the Ministry of Tourism. From the north in Esmeraldas whale tours are offered in Atacames and Súa.

With the option of coastal dolphin tours from Mompiche, Muisne, and Pedernales to Cojimíes. In the province of Manabí, from Pedernales, Jama (Punta Don Juan, Punta Prieta, Punta Ballena, among others), Crucita, Bahía de Caráquez, Manta, Puerto Cayo and Puerto López. The Isla de la Plata, from Puerto Lopez, is an option for walking and whale watching. In Santa Elena, Salinas and Ayangue. Also in Puerto Bolivar (Machala, El Oro). In addition, dolphins can be observed in Guayas, from Puerto El Morro.  

The best places for whale watching in Ecuador.

Safety precautions.

Boats must navigate 100 meters from the whales or 200 meters if it is a mother and calf. Many times the whales come close, but humans should keep their distance.  

– There should be no more than three boats with a group of whales.

– Do not stand up and walk from one place to another in the boat.

– Remain in life jackets at all times.

– Do not feed or shout at the whales.

– Do not attempt physical contact with the whales.

– Also, do not throw garbage or trash into the sea.

– Do not swim or dive with whales.

Spondylus Motorcycle Tour

 Get ready for an exciting adventure, in a country of many natural wonders and countless treasures. Ecuador is a country with impressive contrasts where high summits merge towards the deep blue Pacific Ocean.  

It have many climate zones, from tropical along the coast to cooler and dryer inland at higher elevations; tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands. Ecuador is unusual in the sense that one can choose any climate one wishes by where in the country one travels to, which makes it, even more, fun onboard a motorcycle. Lying on the equator means there is no summer or winter; however, there are typically wetter and drier seasons. The ‘wetter’ season is usually between December – June, while the drier season runs from July – November.  

On this tour, you will be part of a beautiful merging between the Pacific Coast, the Andes Region, and the Amazonas Basin, and you can enjoy this merging. Following the water routes, you will transfer from the highlands of the Andes to the whole Coast line, baptized as Spondylus due to the colorful shell that leaves all along the pacific Ecuadorean Coast. Enjoy this tour fully thanks to our motorcycles and your riding experience. Using the best hotels and eco-lodges to make this one wonderful life experience.

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