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Beginners on two wheels 

Don’t need to be an expert, to be a great… adventurer? If you are just beginning in this twisty path of motorcycling, no worries, we got you! Traveling abroad, with the only goal of having fun riding a motorcycle around a new country, is always a good idea. You will not just be visiting new places but doing it on two wheels, give it a new POV, this sense of extreme happiness,  excitement and adrenaline that just riding could give you. 

As in any other activity/sport, when you are just beginning, all the fears can invade your mind. Do you dare to do some off-road? or maybe you want to start with something easier as it is something you probably feel comfortable with (asphalt). No worries, as Ecuador is so diverse, even riding just asphalt – Ecuador has great highways tho, just to point that out- you will have the opportunity to see and visit volcanoes, lagoons, small communities, going to the amazonia Etc. It will not be difficult for you to ride from one place to another. A great option for a beginner in this country could be the one I will describe above, mostly asphalt, but some off-roading too. You can relate on Ecuador Bike rental to make this experience a bit easier and much more fun…

Day 1: 

Do not forget to start early, as you will be riding to Nono passing through the eco-route called “Paseo del Kinde” ( Path of the Hummingbird), here you will be able to enjoy the first bird-watching site declared in Latam. Over 400 different species, doesn’t it sound amazing? Ecuador is so biodiverse and beautiful for this and many other reasons… keep riding, take the main road again to Mindo, where you will be staying for the night. 

While in this city, you can enjoy the chocolate tour. We highly recommend taking it, as Ecuador cocoa beans are known worldwide, and Mindo is one of the main producers of fine chocolate. 

Day 2: 

¡Wakey wakey! Here in Ecuador we say “barriga llena, corazón contento” translated to -full tummy, happy heart- so, take your breakfast at the hotel first thing in the morning as there’s a day full of adventures ahead. Take your bike to Nanegalito, It’s a 45 min ride. A challenge awaits you… 4 hours on a dirt road that will take you to the Andean region. First province will be Imbabura, with its astonishing lakes, lagoons, mountains and an inactive stratovolcano. Make a stop on Cuicocha Lagoon to admire this view and have lunch inside the national park.

Day 3: 

Ecuador is not just biodiverse, but multicultural as well. Not everyone has the opportunity to stay in these small communities, where you can learn about their traditions and culture. Believe me, it’s delightful to hear all the stories, legends and be part ( at least for a day) of this community. You will be staying in Caranqui community, a small set of houses located on the slopes of the Imbabura Volcano. This intercultural experience will give you the best sense of a home-likely staying, the kindness and warmness of these people is undescribable. Prepare yourself to accompany the residents to their daily activities, some gastronomy classes, milking, herding and much more… 

Day 4 and last: 

Parque Condor will be awaiting for you, in this bird rescue center you will learn about the different species of birds that Ecuador and South America have. On the way back to Quito you will be visiting the museum of the middle of the world. Your phone or camera will be good to take some dope photos standing in the line that shows where the exact middle of the world is and some other activities they offer. 

You can find more info about this tour on our web Ecuador Bike rental, The name of this tour is: Northwest Culture Revival Guided Motorcycle Tour in Ecuador

Link: https://ecuadorbikerental.com/producto/north-west-culture-revival-guided-tour/

Some considerations if you’re a beginner: 

  • Recommend bikes for the tour
    • Honda XRE 300cc
    • Royal enfield Himalayan 400cc
    • Suzuki Dr 650cc 
  • Practice before your tour
  • Guided tour, he will be a great support all over the tour, our guide is fully bilingual, knows how to react if something happens during the tour, and will help whenever you need it. 

Safe rides, 

Ana Paula 

Ecuador bike Rental.

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