Couples who ride together, stay together: 

Drag your belongings to the back of your bike, and start a new adventure! But save some extra space for your partner’s stuff, maybe ¾ of your bags will be filled with clothes (and some other useless things).

What can be more exciting than touring with your best friend? and no I’m not just talking about the bike… but your partner. That one person who’s been with you in all the craziest Adventures… marriage is one of them ( probably the craziest and riskier one). But taking the decision to pack all your life in 2 bags, and put them on the back of your bike… it’s kinda a big step, but completely worth it. If you both haven’t had the opportunity to strengthen your ties, believe me, this tour will do this work. 

If the ride is long, the first weeks will be a honeymoon likely, you’ll turn again into the lovebirds you were before marriage. You will have the opportunity to reassure, all the reasons you had at first to choose that person to be your lifelong companion. The perfect moment, to get that connection back if you ask me. However, nothing in life can be this perfect, with all ups and downs and as the days goes by, it can have a little turn. Be prepared for some challenges, the beauty, the beast and the passive-aggressive version of your beloved soulmate can arise. 

The experience

The other day a couple from Canada arrived at Ecuador Bike rental office, they have been riding in Latam for several years now. They rented a DR650cc to go around Ecuador for 3 weeks. I had the chance to talk with them at the drop off of the motorcycle, and what amazed me the most was the chemistry they showed. How they talked about all the memories they made and the adventures and challenges they had to go through on those days. The craziest thing was how excited they were about the next adventure… 

Even so, I’m still thinking about all the stuff they didn’t tell me -for obvious reasons-, the bad moments, maybe the arguments or misunderstandings that always happens when you spend so much time with someone. 

Spending 24/7 with someone even if it is for a couple of weeks, can be tough for both. It’ll be a good idea to set roles during the trip, clearly one will be the rider, and the pillion could be the one who’s checking the maps, the traffic, best routes or shortcuts, in charge of picking good music and so on.. in a nutshell, try to avoid boredom. Remember, this person is more than just a pillion or partner—they’re your photographer, counselor, best friend, and much more.

All this left me thinking about this saying: “Couples who ride together, stay together”.

Reasons why

1- Better communication:

As you’re away from stressful situations you might have at home, not thinking about work or other preoccupations, the only thing that is left is to enjoy the ride and the companion. Communication will be much easier as bluetooth intercoms allow you to talk along the ride,do not forget to ask for them at our office, here at Ecuador Bike rental we offer a set of Cardos that can be useful during the tour,  you can share all your old memories or just listen to music together. 

2- Common goals:

With a shared passion for motorcycles, your priorities align, reducing the likelihood of arguments between you. Surely you will be saving for the next bike together, new gear equipment or the next adventure. 

3- Shared memories:

Growing old with the one you love, doing all the things you enjoy is what we all wish for. Sharing these adventures together provides more topics to discuss, anecdotes to laugh about, and dreams for future adventures.

4- Connection:

A great time to get to know your partner better than ever. Your partner’s preferences may have changed since you first met, including food and hobbies. Dig into these conversations to strengthen your bond.

5- Economic benefits:

Sharing hobbies and vacation plans helps split expenses, saving money by sharing motorcycles and rooms, benefiting your bank account. This can double if you’re both riding. Look for agencies offering special discounts or assisting with saving money on your chosen tours—details Ecuador Bike Rental considers. We encourage couples to take new adventures, with special discounts and recommendations. 

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