Gateway To The Amazon Basin – Self-Guided Adventure.

186 km southeast of Quito, we’ll find our gateway to the Amazon region from the Andes. A town with a variety like no other, this is Baños de Agua Santa. The town is well known for its beauty and tourist attractions. As we go along in our journey, we’ll enjoy the sight of the Colossus on the way, that’s Cotopaxi Volcano to the left and Illinizas to the right, and slowly making a transition from the Andes and the mountain region to the Amazon. (Gateway To The Amazon Basin – Self-Guided Adventure.)

Baños Ecuador


After a briefing in our offices in Quito, we’ll depart on our way. The first stop will be on the road for breakfast, where you would be able to choose from a selected menu. After that, you’ll continue on your way to Baños, arriving in the city in approximately 2 more hours. On our way, you’ll find the majestic Cotopaxi, known for its symmetric shape, and the Illinizas sisters to the right. You’ll surround by two major cities in Ecuador: Latacunga and Ambato. As soon as you arrive in Baños, you’ll have some time to relax and enjoy the weather. Baños is at 1815 m.s.n.m., and with warm tropical weather, many recommendations will be given about where to visit and where to have a proper lunch. Your rooms will be ready and you will be given the keys based on single occupancy, (unless requested otherwise). After unpacking, and enjoying the surroundings, a Chiva (party bus) will be ready to pick you up and give you a tour around the city with music and drinks. Once in the mood for partying, you can have dinner to hold strong for the rest of the night. Under our name, go out to a bar with a courtesy drink, and then off to the most popular club in Baños to enjoy a night should you wish to.


Once you’re back to life, you are at the breakfast buffet around 9:30 and enjoy the stories from last night’s happenings. Then, get ready and set to ride to the waterfalls in Banos. This includes the famous Pailin del Diablo (devil’s pan) Basically, you’ll pass over one of the main dams in Ecuador, and ride along the Pastaza river. There is the option to stop to shoot photos and also to give it a try to the canopy line that crosses the river over the waterfall a. Riding your motorcycle thru stone tunnels and an amazing landscape is one of the highlights of this day. Here you can have the opportunity to do all kinds of adventure sports including canopycanyoning, climbingtrekkingcyclingparaglidingrafting, and horseback riding between the main activities. Added to all this, is the great vegetative abundance of the place which makes Baños a unique experience since you can get to see beautiful landscapes and meet beautiful animals of their fauna. Baños is a destination desired by tourists likewise Galapagos and Quilotoa where nature is the protagonist, you can also appreciate the beauty of the city of Riobamba where El ChimborazoEl AltarTungurahua are volcanoes that adorn the landscape.


Breakfast will be served by 8:30 and you’ll get ready to ride up to the highest swing in Ecuador at La Casa del Arbol. This well-known swing has an amazing view of the Tungurahua Volcano. It is still active and you get to see fumes all day. The city of Quito is the administrative capital of Ecuador, according to recent data revealed by National Geographic Quito holds the title of the oldest Capital in all of South America, is that speaking of Quito – Pichincha province is speaking from the most remote past from the first American inhabitants to the nearest future and their survival, such as cities that have become capitals of the World. Quito was the first city in the world to ever win this distinction, due to its Historic Center. Many of its buildings date from 1534 when the city was rebuilt from the ashes after General Inca Rumiñahui burned the city as he refused to surrender to the Spanish conquerors.  

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