From epic rides in Ecuador to our constant struggle against defamation.

Yes, this post is basically to clear certain things being said from our direct competitors in Ecuador. We think there are far more important things to do for our clients instead of starting a media fight (though our competitors love it).

Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner was funded by an Ecuadorean globetrotter in 2016,  eager to show his country to the world. At first, the company counted with 4 used motorcycles that was later increased by self-funding to 24 brand-new bikes and 4-  wheeled drives of all sizes: from 150cc scooters to 1300cc monsters in the main market brands: Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph, Royal Enfield, RAM, Ford, etc.

This entrepreneurship adventure with its ups and downs, have been developed enough to extend operations to its neighbor countries Colombia and Peru, providing the satisfaction of a great motorcycle ride and unequal adventures, to more than a thousand national and international clients.

Along 7 years of service, we have coped with many problems that were solved almost immediately, except for unfair competitors that, up to date, haven’t found the way to deal with a newcomer in the market, providing all sorts of unfunded allegations. The need of this blog is to clear this false allegations.


The definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) states: “the practice of orienting your website to rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP) so that you receive more traffic. The aim is typically to rank on the first page of Google results for search terms that mean the most to your target audience.” This being said, it was paramount the use of descriptive texts and website domains that could describe the nature of the motorcycle company in Ecuador and the service provided, therefore Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner.

With this in mind, and with the necessary care of our branding (logo and name) in every piece of advertisement, we use our legal name (patented in 2018 by the Ecuadorean Bureau SENADI) to let people know about our existence and trajectory. Other companies in the same field use domains that relates the same i.e. Worth to mention that our legal name is nothing related to what our competitors have as theirs.

A Copycat, would be a company that imitates directly shape and form of another. Same logo, same fonts, same structure, same business model, same motto, etc. Our competitors broadly states that we have copied their names, their logo, their modus operandi, where in reality, we use our domain to specify directly what our service states  for. Freedom Ecuador, an old motorcycle tourism company based in our country,  is the  one stating this “unfair facts” against them. We are no one to teach people about SEO, or try to prove we are not doing anything wrong to someone that loves present themselves  as victims.

A true accusation about stealing someone’s work is in fact what Freedom Ecuador uses  as artwork on their bikes without any authorization nor consent of our friend and local artist Juan Sebastian (Apitatan). We spoke to him since we recognized his art on their motorcycle vinyls, and he was clear to state that he was never approached nor requested any permission of use. He’s pretty well aware of it now and obviously mad about this grievance.


Since the beginning, when we started operations, we have been attacked in public blogs, such as with pure defamation related to tax and legal compliance of

Ecuadorean laws. Our way to fight back these allegations, is not to engage in direct confrontation with Freedom Ecuador (which we think is a waste of time), but instead, to prove everyone that we stand by our service quality. The “Quito Q batch” award, The TripAdvisor travelers choice award for 6 years in a row, and ATTA, has been some of the awards earned by hard work, commitment and endurance on everyone in  our team. These awards are no joke, as they are worldwide recognized and appraised.

And last but not least, is funny that Freedom Ecuador calls us Copycats, when they are  the ones following our social media, in search of what we do, to do the same. For example, our interviews after every tour with our clients.

We don’t follow them to avoid using them as any source of ideas.


From the beginning, our motto has been: “Custom tailored adventures, enjoy yourself”. Flexibility has been our main objective as part of show Ecuador the way it is. What our customers like and what they feel comfortable with, is paramount to us. As riders, we understand that the reason you fly to Ecuador, is not to have the same riding experience and photos as the guy that just left last week, but something unique and to your taste. As  a 100% Ecuadorean staff, we know the best bits of our country and how to present it depending the rider’s profile. This is our way to conduct business, and this is our main differentiator.


Ecuador Bike Rental vs Freedom Bike Rental

Every single customer that has quoted with our competitors, and then come to us for a second quote, have the same common question: “what makes you guys different from Freedom?”. This implies that, due to our marketing, logo, motto and the way we talk to people, they know we are different. New customers are driven by the use of certain  brands we have in our fleet, like KTM and Royal Enfield. We are the only rental company using these in Ecuador.

After explaining the difference in what we can do for them, they take their decision on   their own. With this, we avoid engaging in a price fight, or how the competitors like to call it: “price match guaranteed”, and 80% of the time, they go for Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner.

After every tour,  we improve on feed back provided by our clients. Every single thing  that’s pointed out by them, we take in account to make it better next time. We are always renewing our fleet, improving our lodging, and helping our community directly to them, as its our way to give back.

Even when customers have pointed Freedom Rentals as a “no go” provider, we use their opinion not to incur in our competitor mistakes. Whether this is because  of  their  excessive cash penalties, or overcharge on motorcycle repairs in case you fall, charge for speed alerts, or simply because of their way to force customers to do what Freedom Ecuador’s management want them to do in their tour.

What we don’t do, is to fall into dirty tactics, Like affect a company’s reputation calling  them a farce, scam, or pretenders. Tactics that Freedom have used with other moto rental companies in Ecuador along the years to demerit and to damage reputation. And this is one of the reasons why they are not welcome by many local suppliers in the country.


Now that this has been mentioned not once, but several times to them, WE ARE NOTHING LIKE THEM. All we have mentioned, has been with evidence that they are not fair players. And yes, they are bigger and more recognized in the moto tour industry than us due to their time in the field. However, revealing these facts, makes you wonder how they got there in the first place.

Bottom line: We don’t want to be like them, we don’t copy them, we don’t use other people’s artwork as our own without authorization like they do, and most of all, we don’t fool people victimizing ourselves. This is not the way we conduct business. We are a complete different company, unrelated to them (thank Goodness!), and with our own identity. We  are being accused of “stealing” a name first patented by us, and we are pretty sure that their next claim would be that using motorcycles for our tours is also copying them.

Bottom line, what we care the most is about our clients and friends and what they think, not what the company Freedom “love to play the victim” Ecuador think of us.

From epic rides in Ecuador to our constant struggle agains defamation.
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