Ecuador: A Biodiversity Paradise and Eco-Tourism Haven

Its well known that Ecuador has a huge diversity, but how big? If you consider a small area of the country like Yasuni, that encompasses a surface area of over 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres); 610 species of birds, 139 amphibian species, and 121 species of reptiles. And also home to the Tagaeri and Taromenani who live in self-isolation, you then realize why it was designated a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1989.

Strong enough reason for Ecuadorians to have voted against drilling for oil in a protected area of the Amazon that’s home to two uncontacted tribes and is a hotspot of biodiversity, effectively kicking out the state oil company that has established operations there.

This makes of Ecuador, the first country in history in voting against oil exploration and development project. All based in the ecological impact and affectation of this area.

As a sustainable tourism company, we are proud to show our visitors with a profound respect, the paradise enclosed in the small area our country has.

A place where in matter of hours from the capital, you could be in the Amazon basin, or the highest mountain in Ecuador (Chimborazo), or by the coast. A motorcycle tour designed to your expectations, to enjoy the most out of a lifetime experience.

Thanks to our community tourism program and the use of our motorbikes, we can reach places with unique beauty. An example besides the one mentioned above, is Mindo. A town in the middle of the Choco cloud forest, that extends from the South of Panama to the north of Colombia and crosses Ecuador from North to South. 132 endemic species are flying all around while you have lunch, specially humming birds, from which, you can see some of them before you reach Mindo, riding the humming bird route. And crossed by Rio Blanco, a connection that comes from another climate floor, presents in the region a glorious amount of waterfalls, like Nambillo waterfall.

Riding through an epic off-road, in matter of hours you could find yourself down south In Quilotoa, a massive volcano with a lake inside its crater, or upnorth in Otavalo, where a diversity of culture between the indigenous tribes present their hand-made products

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