Twelve Days of Dust and Discovery: Nine Dutchmen’s Motorcycle Odyssey in Ecuador

Twelve Days of Dust and Discovery: Nine Dutchmen’s Motorcycle Odyssey in Ecuador
Beneath the vast expanse of the South American sky, nine friends from the Netherlands enjoyed our nice 30% discount and revved the engines of their rugged motorcycles, eager to dive deep into the heart of Ecuador. This was no ordinary tourist trail they intended to follow; their path was carved out on dusty backroads and remote off-roads, a 12-day adventure that would take them from the heights of the Andes to the shores of the Pacific.

Franciscus, Gijs, Joel, Jeroen, Johannes, Richard, Stefan, Jeroen and Mickel, had meticulously planned a route that would challenge their riding skills and satisfy their curiosity for Ecuador’s rich biodiversity. Joining them where, the group’s spirit lifter Gijs, Johannes the planner, and each keen to explore and party in equal measure.
Their journey kicked off in Quito, but soon they were winding their way to Mindo via the humming bird route, a small town nestled among cloud forests known for its stunning orchids and hummingbirds. It was the perfect introduction to Ecuadorean roads and the ecological wonders they were about to witness.


From Mindo, the group ascended to the bustling market town of Otavalo through a 90% off-road route. Furthermore, the local culture was vibrant and colorful, mirrored by the intricate textiles found in the market. As they rode north, they veered off the main roads, offering breathtaking views and thrilling rides.

Then, off to Misahualli port, where offered a taste of the Amazon, with its playful monkeys and lush greenery. Here, they indulged in night walks to observe nocturnal creatures in a night walk in the Amazon, enhancing their appreciation for the country’s ecological diversity. Then, the journey continued to Baños, a gateway to the Amazon basin, known for its waterfalls and thermal springs. Adventure sports by day, and lively parties by night, Baños was a highlight, offering both adrenaline and relaxation.

The call of the coast led them to Montañita, Ecuador’s surf paradise with a reputation for its vibrant nightlife. Here, the friends enjoyed the laid-back beach atmosphere, surfing during the day and dancing through the night. A USD 50, for a full day of surf lessons and board rental made the day. Additionally, the small cobachas made the perfect venue for the party at night. Subsequently, the journey continued to Puerto Lopez. From there, they embarked on a boat to Isla de la Plata, often called the mini Galápagos, for a close encounter with marine life and birds.


After days of coastal sunshine, they turned inland to Quilotoa, a water-filled caldera with a mesmerizing lake. Furthermore, the remote roads leading to Quilotoa were a rider’s dream, offering challenging terrains full of twisties and views that seemed like paintings come to life.

Their loop concluded as they returned to Quito on an epic last day, 100% off-road. The stark contrast between the urban environment and the natural settings they had immersed themselves in felt more pronounced. Moreover, over a final night of celebration, they shared stories in a party bus in Old Quito. They recounted their off-road escapades, the biodiversity they had witnessed, and the myriad of cultures they had experienced.

As they said their goodbyes, each knew they were returning home changed. They had traversed Ecuador’s diverse landscapes, from cloud forests and Amazonian depths to sun-kissed beaches and volcanic craters. It was an adventure that had tested their skills, expanded their horizons, and deepened their friendships. A true testament to the spirit of exploration.

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