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Get ready for an exciting adventure in a country of wonderful varieties, natural beauties and countless treasures. A country so full in diversity that will give you a lot of good memories to take back with you. Ecuador is a country of a stunning contrasts where the highest peaks of the middle of the world descend to the rivers of the dense amazon basin to reach its final destiny, the deep blue Pacific ocean.

We offer you the most rewarding experience, riding across Ecuador enjoying the unique sensation only a motorcycle can offer you. Riding all around the country and feeling different climates after each hour that goes by, watching the flora and fauna change drastically on each road we take on. Our beautiful country is full of wonders waiting for you to uncover.

We call this tour three worlds for a very unique reason: Continental Ecuador gives you the opportunity to be in three completely different environments. From the warm ocean breeze in the coast, to the template climate surrounded by volcanoes in the Andes, to the humid rainforest jungle with thousands of flower and animal species in the Amazon. Many countries could offer you the same, but we are the only one that you could do this within a day because the three worlds are only hours riding apart from each other.

The route is designed to be fully enjoyed, filled with long straight roads, sharp turns, uphills and downhills; you will get the complete experience of what it means to ride a motorcycle in Ecuador.


322 km (200 miles)




On this day, we will start with a briefing in our offices in Quito, located in the heart of the capital. You will fill the last paperwork needed, then you will be able to try on your gear and test it. After that, we will take you to the motorcycle of your choice and show you its basic controls and features. Then, after a quick brief on roads and safety, we’ll depart on our way.

We will ride through the capital until we reach the outskirts of the city to our final destination of the day, the famous Baños de Agua Santa. On our way there, we will be passing over the highlands of the Antisana Ecological National Park. This stratovolcano is the heart of the park and soars over the city at 5,704 meters above sea level. Located 50km southeast of Quito, you can spot it from anywhere as long as its a clear day. 

After going through the highlands of Antisana, we'll ride by one of the highest points on our tour, Papallacta. This is a small town located at 3,300 meters above sea level, a unique place where you will begin to feel the climate change. All the colorful flowers suddenly start to disappearing and the tundra starts to show off. 

After going through this small town, we'll begin our descent through the gateway to the Amazon basin, Tena city where we’ll have lunch, its time to enjoy delicious local gastronomy. Once we are done enjoying a good meal, we’ll head to Baños riding along the Amazon basin - Sierra border. The road towards Baños is unique, where you will be challenged on a downhill asphalt ride with a lot of sharp turns and twisties.

This place is one of the top destinations for tourists around the world. The magical city located next to the active volcano, Tungurahua offers wonderful attractions during the day from canopy, trekking, the great waterfall ‘El Manto de la Novia’ meaning ‘The brides mantle”, the famous “tree at the edge of the world”, and the astonishing, ‘El Pailón del diablo’. 

Night comes around and once in the mood for partying, we’ll have dinner to hold strength for the rest of the night. We’ll head out to a bar that will give us a courtesy drink, and then off to the most popular club in Baños to enjoy a night out if you wish to have it.

0 Km




We’ll start a full day thrilled with activities, visiting the main natural attractions of Baños de Agua Santa. You will be able to choose between three types of activities depending your likes, where you can just follow your instincts. We'll eat breakfast at the hotel to replenish our energy. Once you are ready, we will begin your adventure!

For most activities, we'll hop on our motorcycles and ride for about 15 minutes on asphalt roads that lead up to Baños wonders. The main attractions found here are: zip lining (canopy), puenting (bridge jumping), Pailon del diablo, and El manto de la novia.

Zip lining is a great adventure activity to do if you are looking for a rush and to watch an unique view. You will be tied to a cable with a harness in any position you prefer; you can go sitting down, on your stomach (superman) or hanging from your feet like a bat. You will cross the Pastaza river below you and spot all kinds of birds and trees that make up Baños. This is an activity we definitely recommend.

Now, the Bride’s Mantle. This waterfall carries its name from the long and white trail the water forms as it is in the air waiting to strike the water down below, similar to a brides mantle. Located in the National Park Llanganates, this waterfall can be spotted best on a cable car ride.

The Pailon del diablo or devil’s cauldron is the #1 attraction in Baños and we definitely suggest you to pick this activity. A 5 minute ride away from the previous attractions, we'll ride right outside the entrance of the Devil’s den. You will need to hike down for about 15 minutes to arrive to the waterfall. During this hike you will see all types of birds and plants that will catch your attention. 

Other activities we'll be doing that are located all around Baños are: river rafting (upon request), baños de cajon (box bath), swing at the edge of the world. 

324 km (202 miles)




An early day starts with breakfast at our hotel in Baños. We'll get our gear and luggage ready, check out, and then continue with our adventure. Our road to Cuenca has a lot of varieties. The ride will go all through the Andes region to the south of the country, passing along side the emblematic Chimborazo Volcano. Chimborazo is a currently inactive volcano in the occidental range of the Andes, its last eruption was around 550 C.E. Its peak elevation is 6,263 meters (20,548ft) making it the farthest point from the center of the Earth, and also the Earth’s closest point to the moon. 

Another 3 hours of riding your motorcycle and you will be in the city of Cuenca, a city know by being the most delightful city in the country. A city in the southern section of Ecuador, known for the original handcrafting of the Panama hats, its beautiful cathedrals, the Devil’s nose train, Cajas National Park, and the great Tomebamba river crossing through the city.

Here is the Homero Ortega Panama hat factory, where you can watch the complete manufacturing process of the hats. You will see them handcrafted right in front of you and then taken to the main plaza to be sold. Calderon Park is so full of history and it counts with a unique colonial and historical contrast that will open its doors to you. Cuenca is filled with beauties, full of lights surrounded by the Old and the New Cathedrals. The Old Cathedral was built around the 1500s, used as a church before, now it has become a museum to showcase its beautiful architecture. The newer Cathedrals has a different architecture, being a more gothic style but just as wonderful.

Both the Devil’s Nose train and Cajas National Park are activities outside the city. 

We'll ride to the selected hotel, and after today’s riding, a comfy bed will be a blessing to your body. Finally, a nice dip in the thermal waters to call it a day.

251 km (157 miles)




Rise and shine in beautiful Cuenca! After having a proper breakfast early in the morning, we'll ride back up north for about 80km towards the Ingapirca ruins. An asphalt road with many sharp turns awaits us prior to the ruins. This ride will be very enjoyable as all the landscapes of Cuenca will be seen from a top point of view.

Ingapirca ruins are the largest in Ecuador, the only Sun Temple of the Inca Empire. It is commonly known that the temple was built with million of stones under the order of Huayna Capac, Inca leader of the time. His main interest was to conquer nearby lands and expand his territory; building these structures would give him that. The purposes it had were military strategies and a place to worship the sun, god of the Incas. The architecture demonstrate unique traits about our past culture like teamwork, toughness and power.

A tour around the ruins will be held there by local professional guides.

After your tour is complete, we’ll get back on our motorcycle and start heading west towards the coast, but not without having a proper lunch based on local cuisine. The road to Guayaquil is one lane fully asphalted. On this part of our tour we will be challenged on the bikes, not only because of the sharp turns, but because it is a very foggy area of the country. We’ll ride thoroughly for 3 and half hours towards our final destination of the day. During the ride you will feel a big climate change, from the cold of the Andes to the warmth in the Pacific.

Once we arrive to the hotel, we will check in and have a lovely dinner ready to greet us. You will be able to know first hand why the food from Ecuador’s coast is the best. After dinner, we will rest from a long riding day and recharge for the next morning’s activities.

170 Km (106 miles)




Good morning from Guayaquil, the city of the Astillero. The first thing you notice when you wake up is the warmth of the Ecuadorian Coast. We'll have breakfast at the hotel, enjoying once again the great seafood Ecuador has to offer. After filling our tanks with this great local gastronomy, we'll take direction towards the famous Spondylus route, known for assembling the whole coast profile. Our ride will be on asphalt road for about 2 hours.

We will arrive to Montañita town, an international convention center to all tourists and sports. It is a village on the peninsula of Santa Elena province. It is commonly known for its strong surf beaches and bohemian lifestyle, filled with tourists from all around the world and packed in every season of the country. Its top attractions are nightclubs and the night life. This will be our little escape to have fun and disconnect from the world.

Your lunch will be ready at the hotel, followed by a surfing lesson which allows you to blend with the locals in their venue. Surfing will test you completely, it is a difficult sport to master, but once you get it down, you won’t be wanting to get out of the water any time soon.

After this activity we'll get some rest, and at night, you will enjoy of the beach ambiance, the nightlife, the pastimes and hobbies of locals and tourists. Keep in mind that we’ll need you in one piece and early the next day to continue with our adventure.

202 km (126 miles)




Waking up in our very own “city of sin” can be hard, but we gotta continue giving you fun! After breakfast at the hotel, and once we have our stomachs full, we’ll continue the Spondylus route. Riding through asphalt road, with the ocean right next to us drawing a beautiful landscape and road filled with twists towards Los Frailes beach.

Los Frailes is considered a breath taking beach in Ecuador. It is very exclusive inside the Machalilla National Park. We have to go through a gated access to be able to enter this natural wonder of Ecuador. A beach with not a lot of wind, surrounded by tall cliffs makes it a perfect place to relax. It is not a packed place, as not many tourists know about the existence of the beach, making it one of the greatest spots to rest and shoot some great pictures. The water is deep blue and turquoise, crystal clear and temperate.

We’ll stay a couple hours at Los Frailes and we'll continue with our adventure up north to our next stop, Manta. Manta is another important city of the country’s coast, another main port of Ecuador, known for its fishing industry. Its iconic beach is playa murciélago, spanish for bat beach, and its iconic dishes will delight you. Manta’s gastronomy is based in traditional sea food dishes with a little changes from the locals. Riding through the city towards our hotel where a delicious lunch awaits us. Following to our lunch we'll have a couple hours to rest from our riding day.

Following our visit to Machalilla, we will head back to the hotel for our dinner based on local cuisine. Once done eating, we'll get good rest as we have a long ride the following morning.

395 km (247 miles)




Having a full blast and getting to know all three worlds in a short time now takes an amazing end. We’re returning to Quito from Manta in a transition from Coast to highlands based on tunnels made out of tree branches. After breakfast, we’ll have a full day of riding ahead of us. Passing by notorious towns on the way back like Santo Domingo, known for its unique tribe locals who dye their hair red with spices. All these climate changes from one landscape to another, from cotton tree fields to potato farms, from a Spondylus route to twisty and fun roads across the mountains will lead us back to Quito. The changes between weather and landscape are noticeable within few kilometers and will let you experience our three worlds one last time before closing our adventure.

We'll finish your Ecuadorian experience at our headquarters in Quito, where it all began; be ready to tell us your stories over a cold local beer.

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