Awesome experiences were lived by our friends in the Spondylus Guided Tour that took place this month. They had the chance to ride across the volcano avenue, then cross between two environmental worlds, enjoy the gastronomic arts from the coast and have experiences they never had before. Join us on what it was our tour…

First of, after a short briefing in our Ecuador Bike Rental offices in Quito on house rules and safety riding, we took off for our tour towards the south on our Spondylus guided tour, which was made short for more people to be able to enjoy the adventure. Weather accompanied us in a good mood as it allowed us to see all the major volcanoes on our way: Cayambe, Antisana, Cotopaxi, Illinizas sisters, Tungurahua, Chimborazo and Carihuairazo. We had to stop in several spots to take the best photos.

Leaving the capital, we entered in the Cotopaxi national park area through the Panamerican Highway, reaching an altitude of 3200 meters above mean sea level. We could feel the change in temperature already, dropping to 12 degrees Celsius and delighting ourselves with the view of the huge Pine tree forest below the Copotaxi volcano. On our way south, we leave Cotopaxi to enter in the second phase of the volcano avenue, where Tungurahua, Chimborazo and Carihuairazo can be spotted before reaching our lunching spot in Riobamba. After a great meal and refueling our Motorcycle rentals we were about to go over the Colta lake towards Guayaquil. This is where the main change in weather was felt. Close to the end of the ride we had the privilege to see a beatiful sunset while taking our motorcycle rentals through the middle of a rice plantation. Our hotel Rooms were ready to welcome us, we left our things and off to a well deserved dinner as this was one of the heaviest days on the tour. After a delightful breakfast, it was time to hit the road towards the start of our Spondylus route. We had the start at the Chocolatera, a beautiful reef in Salinas, southwest from Guayaquil, and from there, it was all routing towards the north to Montañita. This iconic town has it all, but is mainly proud of the diversity of people that lives there. Expats from all nationalities have come to live here giving this small town the colors it needs to attract people from a far distance. After leaving our belongings at the hotel which is 20 meters from the beach, we went for lunch and enjoyed a different flavor in the gastronomic art from these parts. Having a proper rest by the beach was important indeed, so we could take the best of our surf lessons. We went to get our boards and hit the waves in Montañita as we were taught by one of the best instructors in town how to ride the waves.

At night, we could enjoy what Montañita is proud of, an amazing party at the beach with lots of interesting people to meet. The third day of our trip was approaching, so we took breakfast and took our motorcycle rentals towards the different beach points along the coast. First, we made a stop at Los Frailes beach to check out one of the most beautiful beaches in Ecuador. In the center of the national park of Machalilla, the beach is hidden away from the main road. A bit of a back road is needed to take you to a paradise. We stood here for a couple enjoying the sand and sun. The place also offers showers so we can be able to ride up without the feeling of salt in our skins. Then, our lunch was served in Manta, at la Playa Murcielago (the bat’s beach), where seafood takes another flavor once again. This metropolitan city is rich on nightlife and is also one of the main Ports for Ecuador’s marine commerce.

Just 45 minutes later, riding through cotton trees, we arrived to our final destination: Crucita. A small town by the beach with lots of paragliding to offer. It’s main cliff is about 2 km long, and the winds that climbs it are the closest to laminar wings as you could desire, what makes this the perfect spot for either fly on tandem with an instructor, or choose to have your own lessons and soar the winds on your own. At night, we felt like having a night out again, so we rode to Portoviejo, a town known by its friendly people and beautiful women. After having a good sense of the city, we went back to our hostal in Crucita. Being our fourth day, and after a good breakfast, we started our ride back to Quito. This time through the Northern part of it. We rode via Chone, to reach Santo Domingo de los Colorados, a city that defines the middle of the Pacific Coast and the Andes. After having a good lunch, we went through la Concordia towards Mitad Del Mundo (middle of the world in northern of Quito). We had to take a good cup of coffee here to warm ourselves up and enjoy the view.

Thanks to our guide, everyone arrived home with many stories to tell and a happy spirit in hand!. We encourage you to come and visit Ecuador, a country that has it all. Reach in culture and delightful, it will be an adventure you will never forget. Ecuador Bike Rental can help you with everything you need to sort on logistics, suggestions, route planning. Anything you need. Come and visit us, tailor your adventure, enjoy yourself!. www.ecuadorbikerental.com

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