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Country:ilustraciones, imágenes clip art, dibujos animados e iconos de stock de bandera ecuatoriana - bandera de ecuador
Region:Galapagos Islands Archipelago
Maximum Group Size:16 passengers
Trip Duration:6 Days & 5 Nights
Location 1:Floreana Island
Location 2:Isabela Island
Location 3:Santa Cruz Island
WEIGHT202 kg (445 lb)
Trip Type:Adventure, Sight Seeing, Wildlife
ActivitiesBeaching, Bird watching, Boating, Dinghy ride, Food and Culinary, Hiking, Snorkeling, Trekking
Transfer Airport:YESc
Airplane TicketNo
Bilingual guide:Yes
Highlights:Natural Fauna, Food and Islands

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Galapagos Tours, your gateway to exploration in the enchanted archipelago. Ideal for families or solo adventurers, this tour invites you to discover the wonders of Floreana, Isabela, and Santa Cruz Islands. Immerse yourself in the unique biodiversity and natural beauty of the Galapagos, creating lasting memories that will resonate with you and your loved ones.

Explore the pristine landscapes and diverse wildlife that make Galapagos a true natural wonder. Our expert guides will lead you through the captivating stories of each island, providing a deep understanding of the unique ecosystems that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Ready to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Seize the opportunity to make your reservations now and secure your spot on our Galapagos Tours. Click here to book your journey and start counting down the days to an extraordinary experience in the heart of this natural paradise. Don’t miss out on the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Day 1:

  • Lobito bus transportation from airport to Canal de Itabaca.
  • Barge transportation.
  • Private transportation from the Canal de Itabaca to Puerto Ayora.
  • Entrances to the turtle reserve and lava tunnel.
  • Bilingual naturalist guide.
  • Lunch and soft drinks in the reserve.
  • Hotel acomodattion.

Day 2:

  • Breakfast.
  • Bilingual naturalist guide service.
  • Aquatic rides.
  • Snorkel equipment.
  • Snack.
  • Lunch.
  • New Year Dinner.
  • Hotel acomodattion.

Day 3:

  • Breakfast.
  • Hotel acomodattion.

Day 4:

  • Box breakfast.
  • Transfers on board the yacht to Floreana and Santa Cruz.
  • Guided tour.
  • Bus at Floreana.
  • Lunch. Snack.
  • Boat rides.
  • Snorkel equipment.
  • Hotel acomodattion.

Day 5:

  • Box breakfast.
  • Transfers on board the yacht to Isabela and Santa Cruz.
  • Guided tour.
  • Bus at Isabela.
  • Lunch. Snack.
  • Boat rides.
  • Snorkel equipment.
  • Hotel acomodattion.

Day 6:

  • Breakfast
  • Private transportation from Puerto Ayora to the Canal de Itabaca.
  • Lobito bus transportation to airport.
  • Legal transit paperwork to enter Ecuador.
  • Insurance.
  • Entrance to the Galapagos National Park and Traffic Control Card.
  • Tips.
  • Dinner.
  • Extra snack, food, soda or alcoholics drinks.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Local taxes: $1 per person for use of docks in Puerto Ayora and Puerto Villamil (Isabela). $0.50 per person for water taxis in the bays, they are taken at the dock and these taxis take them to the big yacht in Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana.
  • Isabela entrance tax: $5 per person for Ecuadorians and $10 for Foreigners.
  • Sea ferry at Canal de Itabaca $1 per person.


Upon your arrival in Baltra our team will be waiting for you to help you with your transfer to the Santa Cruz canton, Galapagos. For this we will take the local transport “lobito bus” that will take us to the Itabaca Channel, here we will take a barge that will cross us from Baltra through the Itabaca Channel to Santa Cruz Island.
On Santa Cruz Island, our private transport will wait for us in which we will take advantage of our arrival to start your magical adventure through the Galapagos Islands, visiting the Upper Part of the Island! First we will go to the volcanic formations “Los Gemelos”, we will take a short walk and then we will continue our journey to the Santa Rosa parish, where we will visit a reserve of giant tortoises where you can freely observe them in their natural habitat. a few minutes in the famous and exciting lava tunnels.
After finishing our tour we will enjoy a delicious local lunch.

With this half-day tour you will be able to visit the Caamano Islet to watch sea lions, then take a walk to the Dog Beach and visit the “love channel” to observe blue shark and other species typical of the island. You will also visit the famous “Las Grietas” to snorkel, swim and take advantage of its great landscape to photograph yourself at the point that may be one of your favorite places for photographs in this paradise called Galapagos.

After you enjoy a delicious and reinforced lunch after the morning activity, we will drive you to the Charles Darwin Research Station. In this place, we will visit the turtle route. an interesting tour in which you will be able to observe several giant tortoise hatchlings in our breeding center and also visit the mausoleum of our famous and beloved lonely george. We will also visit the museum of the Charles Darwin Research Station where you can learn a little more about the work carried out by this important group in our archipelago. finally this day you can enjoy it touring the main streets of Santa Cruz where you find the end of the year tradition characterized by giving life to hundreds of sawdust dolls that represent some situation from which the villagers want to say goodbye, leave in the past and welcome to 2023. You can enjoy a delicious dinner, make new friends and enjoy a different New Year

165km (102 miles)


We take our motorcycles back to Quito. As part of this trip, we will visit the “Parque Cóndor”, a bird rescue center. Here we learn about the different species of birds that exist in Ecuador and South America as well. Worth to mention that this refugee is partially founded with the purchase of your tour. We will be able to see up close the flagship of the Andes and Ecuador, the Condor. Then, on our way back to Quito, before finishing our trip we will visit the museum of the middle of the world so that we can get a glimpse of the different cultures in Ecuador and know their peculiarities.
Looking forward to an adrenaline rush? There is no better place in the world for motorcycling than Ecuador. We will have lots of adrenaline flowing when we’ll make our way to the “Yahuarcocha endurance track”.
It was first built as a tourist road but with the long-term idea for it to become a racing circuit (you might think of Mount Panorama). It was built around a volcanic lake, around the 1960s; the name of the track comes from a local indigenous language called Kichwa, spoken by the largest indigenous nationality of Ecuador, and it means “blood lake”. According to our indigenous ancestry, this place existed back in the days when the Incas, the largest South American civilization around the 15th century, and local indigenous resistance, fought each other for the right to these lands. Legend says the bodies of the ones dying were thrown into the lake, turning the water red lake for a while, thus it was named Yahuarcocha after this famous battle.
Lunch will be served and it will be based on local cuisine, a unique experience different from anything you could try elsewhere in Ecuador.
After you had enjoyed the beauties of the Northern part of Ecuador, its culture, and food, we’ll head back to Quito’s headquarters to finalize our tour. This doesn’t mean the end of the fun, as we will have 120 km of pure twisties to ride with good asphalt.

Transfer OUT

After your breakfast or lunch at your hotel, we will pick you up to take you from Puerto Ayora to the Canal Itabaca where you will take a ferry to cross to Baltra Island, where later you will take the local transport bus “lobito” to the airport.

Transfer OUT

After your breakfast or lunch at your hotel, we will pick you up to take you from Puerto Ayora to the Canal Itabaca where you will take a ferry to cross to Baltra Island, where later you will take the local transport bus “lobito” to the airport.

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