KTM 890 adventure, soon for rental

The KTM brand has always given us something to talk about, however, nothing has sounded more than the new KTM 890 Adventure in all its versions (S, R, Rally), knowing that its predecessor was the 790 and in relation to worldwide comments it was quite good. Now the brand decided to take one more step. It should be emphasized that fanaticism for this motorcycle lies in its versatility, that is, the balance it offers both on the road and off it.

  “With the development of the new KTM 890 ADVENTURE, we reached all of our marks by offering an improved machine for both road and gravel. With the new engine, we worked hard to optimize overall performance and driving feel. Result: significant handling improvement. Enhanced stability, reduced gear shifts, increased comfort for long rides. A refined riding experience awaits. KTM aimed for excellence with the 890 ADVENTURE: top-tier performance on roads and off, maintaining high standards in all terrains. “- Joachim Sauer, Travel Product Manager by KTM.

Surprising motorcycle enthusiasts: External appearance remains unchanged, but internal modifications enhance performance, especially within the engine. Now, its two-cylinder engine deploys   105cv of power and 100 Nm, considerable values compared to its predecessor. It operates with a stronger clutch with greater performance and, for greater safety, it has a denotation control system in the exhaust, suspension components, and a WP rear shock absorber, this brand being one of the largest manufacturers of suspensions for motorcycles.


Enhance stability: 20L low-positioned fuel tank, 400km range, compact engine/tank. Optimal design for efficiency and control. Further standout features include robust boarding for enhanced performance and handlebar switch for cruise control management, elevating the riding experience. You can also opt for the rally pack software that the customer purchases if he wishes.

KTM 890 adventure

But that’s not everything. Sync your smartphone for music, hands-free calls, and navigation via handlebar commands. Enhance your ride with optional app features.
Customize design with company catalog: Quickshifter Plus, heated grips/seats, enhanced cruise control, luggage-carrying accessories. Tailor your ride! Conclusion: KTM 890 Adventure—smooth handling, wild technology. Offers a strong, exhilarating experience for adventurous riders. Ready for action!

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