How to buy a used motorcycle as a newbie (Part 1)

This is your first time and you don’t How to buy a used motorcycle. Are you looking for a second, third, or million-hand motorcycle? It’s not a problem, but you do need to know if what you buy is going to spend more time with the mechanic than rolling, or worse yet if it is a death trap. Here we present 5 ways to know if you are making a good decision.

Before you start and go visit your new confidant of sorrows and pleasures, you must calm down and think with your head. Leaving emotions aside at this crucial moment of the purchase is difficult, however, it will save you many headaches later. So don’t idealize the motorcycle or go pre-in love.

Ecuador Bike Rental is the leading motorcycle rental company in the country, offering unparalleled adventure experiences for riders. We don’t buy used motorcycle, but once we sell our second hands, we help the buyer to identify what he needs to look out for. So without further ado, here they are:

1. The owner

Well-maintained motorcycles have careful owners. To begin with, look at how the motorcycle is advertised. When you go to see it, first get to know the owner with a couple of leading questions that can give you a better clue as to whether the person is telling the truth about the bike. For example: Ask him about the small scratches, the scratches on the handguard, the exhaust, and the indentations on the rims. Look at the handlebar ends if they are new and not the factory ones and find out what happened.

Ask him if he has ever dropped it (it has happened to all of us at some point). If the owner is not honest about this, he will not be honest about anything. So you can start to trust or distrust.

2. How it starts

A bike that has lived a life of abuse and feels depressed will not feel like getting out of bed, so pay attention when starting it. The best way is to let the bike be as cold as possible. First, check the oil level in the bubble or on the dipstick, and see if it is within tolerance. (Normally between the two lines of the display: High and low). And while you’re at it, if the motorcycle has a water radiator, remove the radiator lid or check the coolant deposit and see if what’s inside is coolant or water, and at what levels. If it is water, most likely the internal cooling pipes are rusty.

Now turn on the ignition and see if all the warning lights on the dashboard illuminate. If they don’t, a cheating seller may have cut a wire and they simply won’t turn on anymore.

While you’re at it,

After that, it’s time to boot. A bad bike when cold will make all kinds of strange sounds before it warms up, so keep listening to the engine running. Wait for the radiator fan to turn on. This way you will know that the fans are working and that the thermostat has been working correctly. If it doesn’t, most likely the bike may have been overheated. Normally, the thermostats for a 4-stroke motorcycle with aluminum parts are set to turn on at 95 degrees Celsius. While you wait for it to warm up, look at the color of the smoke coming out of the exhaust. If it is a medium leaden blue color, it means that it is consuming oil. Most likely a cylinder lacks compression and is close to some major repair. If it is white, do not be alarmed, there is possible condensation of water on the exhaust parts.

If after turning on the fan or being hot, steam or white smoke continues to come out, then it means that you have a coolant inlet into the combustion chamber and a seal may be faulty. Remember, this Newbie’s Guide to Buying a Used Motorcycle is just that, a newbie’s guide. If you have more serious doubts, it would be good to take it to your trusted mechanic. Also, remember to read the second part of this blog on How to buy a used motorcycle. Normally, a half-day ride can serve as a verdict to see if the bike is worth it or not.

Exploring Ecuador on a Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour

Ecuador is a motorcyclist’s paradise, offering diverse landscapes and incredible routes. So, here are some must-see destinations to explore on your self-guided motorcycle tour:

  1. The Amazon Rainforest: First and foremost, experience the lush greenery and diverse wildlife of the Amazon as you navigate its winding trails.
  2. The Andes Mountains: Additionally, challenge yourself with the scenic and rugged mountain roads, offering breathtaking views and unique cultural experiences.
  3. The Pacific Coast: Moreover, enjoy the picturesque coastal routes, pristine beaches, and charming fishing villages along Ecuador’s coastline.
  4. Historic Cities: Finally, explore Ecuador’s historic cities, like Quito and Cuenca, rich in culture, architecture, and history.

3. Maintenance

Poor condition is often the result of poor maintenance. While you wait for the bike to warm up, start playing private detective. You can start by inspecting the bottom. First, check the tire and rims. Look for any indentations or bends in the rim profile. These are more common and pronounced in aluminum rims. If they are spoke rings on dual motorcycles, look at the tension of the spokes, or if some are missing (the latter is a very serious sign of lack of maintenance). Look at the wear pattern on the tread. If it is in the center and the tire pressure is correct, most likely the motorcycle has never been raced on a race track.

And while you’re kneeling there, look at the suspension. Check to see if the front bars are sweating oil and if the dust covers are in position. Also, look at the rear shock. Do you have any sweating or is there too much mud stuck to it? You can check the drag kit. How is the chain-sprocket-pinion set? Do they have worn teeth? Roll the bike a little and check the chain tension in some places while you ride it. If you feel that the chain tightens and loosens while you ride it, it means that you are about to change the ENTIRE KIT.


You can also get a lot of information from tires. Did you know that they have an expiration date? This is measured in the format of the year of manufacture and the week in which it was manufactured within that year. If the date is more than 5 years old, the tires are worth keeping. Also, if that’s so and the original mileage matches, depending on the model of the motorcycle it could give you a hint if it has most likely been stored.

Remember, when you ask yourself, How do buy a used motorcycle? the maintenance is noticeable in the tires and in the shock absorber set. If the chain lacks adequate tension, or the tires have low pressure, it means that there was no basic maintenance, and if so, rest assured that there has not been more in-depth maintenance. Ask the current owner if he has a tool kit.

Maintenance is one of the clearest warning signs. Take your time to review, or you’d be putting your life on a piece of s**t.

Wait for our second part before buying the motorcycle. Don’t do it yet, the second part is even more important.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in a particular model and you are keen to give it a good test ride, there is a high chance that we might have it in our fleet. So cheer up and come to take your future pleasure-making machine a good try-out in a country of wonders. We explain to you how below:

How to book an epic two-wheel tour:

  1. Visit Our Website: Of course, go to Ecuador Bike Rental to explore our self-guided tour options and choose the motorcycle that suits your needs.
  2. Select Your Tour Package: Next, choose from our comprehensive self-guided tour packages, designed to offer the best of Ecuador.
  3. Customize Your Itinerary: Moreover, work with our team to customize your itinerary, ensuring it aligns with your interests and preferences.
  4. Make a Reservation: Then, complete the reservation form with your details and confirm your booking.
  5. Pick Up Your Bike and Gear: On the day, visit our office to pick up your motorcycle, along with all necessary gear and accessories.
  6. Therefore, with these simple steps, you can easily embark on an unforgettable motorcycle adventure through Ecuador’s stunning terrains.
  7. So, a self-guided motorcycle tour from Ecuador Bike Rental is the perfect way to explore the diversity and beauty of Ecuador. With our well-maintained fleet, comprehensive tour packages, and expert guidance, you can enjoy a thrilling and personalized riding experience.

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