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You are about to enter the most diverse country in all of South America. Ecuador is ready to show you all of its beauty, and it won’t take you too long to experience all three worlds it has to offer. The Coast will make you taste the most delicious seafood in the continent. You’ll be around breathtaking beaches for all types of tourists. Ecuador Bike Rental is here to show this beautiful country!

The Andes mountain range, covers 7,000 kilometers through South America, filled with active and non-active volcanoes fed by the ring of fire in the pacific. You will be looking around for a natural beauty all the time and spot the most beautiful volcanoes and mountains. Finally, the Amazon, one of the most diverse jungles with thousands of flora and fauna species. You’ll find everything from hummingbirds to lilies, to jaguars and giant 400-year-old trees. All three worlds are part of our small but rich country. You will enjoy whether you come with family or friends and take an unforgettable experience back home with you.

Ecuador Bike Rental


As you begin your adventure, you may ask yourself, which tour would be best for me? We are here to help you decide and give you reasons why a short or long tour may or may not be the best fit for you. Would you like a long tour that will take you all around Ecuador ? Or maybe a short tour to only visit specific places of your desire in the Coast, Andes or Amazon? Do you prefer to ride on asphalt road only or only off-road or a mix between both? Keep in mind that our roads are not on a straight line as you may be used to. Ecuador is known for its roads with sharp turns that challenge motorcyclists on a daily basis.

The great thing about this decision, is that it is completely up to you! Ecuador Bike Rental will tailor your adventure to your preferences and ensure top-of-the-line quality assistance, service, and performance. Whichever tour you choose, we’ll make sure you are well taken care of. Additionally, we’ll ensure you have an experience you will never forget.

Short Tour

SHORT TOUR: 3-5 DAYS. We will begin your adventure at our offices in Quito with a thorough explanation about expectations, road signs. We will also give you a short summary of the tour. This will ensure you’re fully prepared for the journey ahead. After you are acquainted with these points, we will try on the gear and choose the one that better suits you. Finally take you to your motorcycle and show you proper use of its controls. Once you feel comfortable with everything, we will depart on our way.

Ecuador Bike Rental

On a short tour, we can go to any of the 3 worlds Ecuador offers, but won’t be able to visit all of them. Only 2 as a maximum. You will take 25 lt. saddlebags on the sides of your motorcycle. Our saddlebags will be enough to carry your non-riding clothes, shoes, personal items, electronic devices, etc. Each motorcycle ride will be from 2-4 hours depending on how far away is our destination.

We will stop at key points to do adventure activities. You can stop to see few cultural aspects of each city and stay over at 4-5 star hotels and eco-lodges. Due to the lack of time, our stops at the key points won’t be too long. You won’t have enough time to visit every church, every waterfall, or every craft market we’ll encounter on our way. However, in exchange for this, you will have a lot of riding time on the motorcycle. This will allow you to experience our challenging roads with a beautiful different landscape around you in every turn.

Medium Tour

You will mostly experience asphalt roads and if you want to we can get into a few short trips off road. It will be a trip that’s 90% asphalt and 10% off-road. Since it’s a short trip, you will definitely have enough space in your saddlebags to carry an outfit for each day of your tour and won’t be needing to do any laundry at hotels. You will have resting time usually at night after our dinner. We seriously recommend it for your safety and better performance when you ride the next morning.

If you are looking to ride for medium periods of time, visit a lot of cities, and not stay the night at every single one. Have specific points of adventure and cultural knowledge, then a short trip is for you. Riding around a small country and getting to know 2 of the 3 worlds may be what you want. You may not like to ride in the coast because of its humidity and heat, or you may not like to ride in the Amazon because you’ve been there already.

These are all valid reasons that we’d love for you to share with us so we can tailor your adventure for your likes and preferences. We will definitely keep in mind all your suggestions and confirm your tour with you beforehand.

Long Tour

LONG TOUR: 7-10 DAYS. We will begin your adventure at our offices in Quito with a thorough explanation about expectations, road signs, and a short summary of the tour. After you are acquainted with these points, we will try on the gear and choose the one that better suits you. Finally, take you to your motorcycle and show you proper use of its controls. Once you feel comfortable with everything, we will depart on our way.

Ecuador Bike Rental

On a long tour, we can go to all 3 worlds Ecuador has to offer. We can be riding next to beautiful Ecuador beaches in the morning, and in a matter of hours be surrounded by Andes mountains and volcanoes. At night, we’ll be at the Amazon jungle, sharing living space with the native wildlife and indigenous people. Consequently, these are all perks of a long tour that will truly show you all of Ecuador’s beauty in a week and a half. As part of the tour, you will be provided with 25-liter saddlebags on the side of your motorcycle. These will allow you to take a few outfits for your tour, electronics, personal items, etc.

Since there won’t be enough space for all your clothes to fit. We will have several laundry stops whether at our hotels or laundry stations, so you won’t have to worry about wearing dirty clothes. Our adventures on a long tour will be more detailed. Consequently, we’ll have long periods of riding time, for which we recommend good background experience in motorcycle riding. Additionally, we will have 1-2 rest days from riding the motorcycle and focus only on you getting to know the city and visiting every hotspot it has to offer.

Ecuador Bike Rental in Ecuador

From churches to waterfalls, beaches, and jungle, to craft markets, you will see it all. Additionally, you will have the chance to see the Ecuadorian culture firsthand and interact with the locals. Ecuador Bike Rental will tailor your adventure to all of your preferences. This could be visiting several cities or few, spending little time in one city in the coast and a lot of time at a city in the Andes. We will take care of every need and desire that may arise before and during the trip. Riding periods will be long both on the asphalt and off-road experience. So, for more constable route we can fit those to your preference whether only asphalt, mostly off-road, or 50-50.

If you have a little bit of background on our country and know the exact places you want to visit and stay at the longest, we recommend the long tour for you. Filled with cultural experiences and adrenaline adventures. Our long tours will take you to our most beautiful national parks, waterfalls, volcanoes, and beaches to enjoy. Additionally, you will receive detailed information about every city we visit, and you can have more rest days in between bike rides to better enjoy our nightlife. Furthermore, we are ready to assist you and join you in an unforgettable experience!

Ecuador 3 worlds

Ecuador has its 3 worlds out there for you to explore and we are ready to go along with you to give you the adventure of a lifetime. The freedom you will encounter on our roads. The exhilaration and the power exerted by your motorcycle are the feelings you will have while on tour with us. Riding is an art, and we are willing to let you show us how good you are at this art and we will enjoy beautiful Ecuador in each other’s company.

Either length tour will show you the best in our country and keep you enthusiastic about the trip. We recommend for you to go on to our tour section and analyze which one better fits your likes and preferences. Here in Ecuador Bike Rental, we’ll be ready for you and take care of your needs. Can’t wait to tour with you!

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