2 days adventure in Ecuador by George

I went on vacation to Ecuador with my wife as it has so many beautiful things to offer, including the Galapagos Islands and was going I could squeeze in a day or 2 of motorcycle riding as I ride everyday back home in NYC. I inquired about renting a motorcycle for a 2 days adventure in Ecuador solo tour via the Ecuador Bike Rental website after I searched Google.

2 days adventure in Ecuador

2 days adventure beginning

Brian contacted me within 5 minutes with details on the bikes that were available and the corresponding prices. I decided to visit their shop to get a better understanding of what they had to offer for solo touring. Brian was very helpful with info regarding different one day tours that are popular and scenic. He told me that they would program my tours into a Garmin GPS unit. I really like the routes that Brian showed me and decided to go ahead with the 2 day rental. As it was a Saturday, Brian offered me a very special deal that I couldn’t refuse, and boy, am I glad I booked the 2-day adventure. I chose the BMW 700 GS.


On the first day, I rode from Quito to the Cotopaxi section of Ecuador, which features a huge active volcano covered in snow! It was amazing to see up close. I continued my journey up a mountain road with amazing curves and views to the sleepy town of Sangolqui. On the way back I stopped at restaurant to eat and as I was about to leave, Francisco, a tour guide with Ecuador Bike Rentals, spotted my parked bike and came inside to see me. It was a pleasant surprise. He asked me if I rather take the backroads to Quito instead of the famous Pan Americano Highway. I happily agreed.


Cotopaxi Volcano The backroads were all stone paved and rugged. I had to stand on my BMW 700 GS half the time and it was so much fun! I had never been off road before and it made me smile the whole 3 hours back to Quito. Thank you so much Francisco, I’ll never forget this day. The next day I took a solo tour from Quito to Mindo using the GPS. More curves, more waterfalls and wildlife.

2 days adventure in Ecuador


I visited the Butterfly sanctuary in Mindo where you will experience the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies right before your very eyes. It was so magical. After that I took a ride down the backroads to a huge waterfall. In that spot where I ate my packed lunch and took in the serenity of nature while hummingbirds were flying all around me. There were so many different types of exotic birds I couldn’t leave town for the next 2 hour! On the way back I zipped through the curves of Los Bancos and made it back to Quito in time for dinner with my wife.

Butterfliyes Mindo Overall this was one of the best adventures I have ever had on a motorcycle. I highly recommend Ecuador Bike Rentals. When I returned my motorcycle Monday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Davo Garces, who was fascinated by my adventures. He took me to the garage and showed me his prized Ducati Panigale (the only one in Ecuador!). What an incredible machine! We talked for the next hour about motorcycles and future adventures to come when I return. I love Ecuador Bike Rentals and you will too!

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