⌵ 🏁 THEME: Spondylus

  • Type: Self Guided Tour
  • Distance: 1499 km (940 miles)
  • Time: 6 days / 5 nights
  • Road type: 100% Asphalt
  • Vegetation: Highland forest, Rain forest, Coast line
  • Weather: Mainly warm, Chill on highlands
  • Guide rider: N/A
  • Rate: PG13, Long Ride.


Get ready for an exciting adventure, in a country of many natural wonders and countless treasures made by men. Ecuador is a country with impressive contrasts where high summits merges towards the deep blue pacific ocean.

On this tour, you will be part of this merging. Following the water routes you will transfer from the highlands from the Andes to the whole Coast line, baptized as Spondylus due to colorful shell that leaves all along the pacific Ecuadorean Coast. Enjoy this tour fully thanks to our motorcycles and your riding experience. Using the best hotels and eco-lodges to make this one wonderful experience.

⌵ DAY-1: Quito - Riobamba -Guayaquil

⌵ DAY-1: Quito - Riobamba -Guayaquil

DAY-1. Quito - Riobamba -Guayaquil

Distance: 434km (280 miles)

We’ll have a briefing in our offices in Quito, where the last paperwork will be filled, gear will be given and tested and the bike of your choice will be delivered. Then, after a quick brief on roads, safety and quick guide, you’ll depart on your way. The departure will be by 9 after all the formalities.

The final destination for this day will be Guayaquil. You’ll descend through part of the Volcano avenue, enjoying the sightseeing of Cotopaxi, Illinizas and Chimborazo, the highest mountain in the world measured from the center of the earth. You’ll reach Riobamba where is a good spot for lunch. Then continuing with the trajectory towards Guayaquil. You’ll pass by the mid country highlands, then to descend to the Coast line passing through varied colorful small towns.

After your first day of journey your rooms at a pretty new hotel will be ready based on single occupancy (unless requested otherwise).

For dinner many recommendations of where to eat will be given.

⌵ DAY-2: Guayaquil - Salinas - Montañita

⌵ DAY-2: Guayaquil - Salinas - Montañita

DAY-2: Guayaquil - Salinas - Montañita

Distance: 226km (141 miles).

When you wake up, you already feel the breeze of the coast line while you are having breakfast. Having Salinas as the Spondylus route start, You’ll visit la Chocolatera and mommies that dates from 6000 years old which tells the story of this parts of the country, fixed point on your GPS to head north on your motorcycle rental. Feeling the freedom of the wind in a warm coast. the idea is to reach Montañita early so you can enjoy fully such an iconic town visited by many and pretty rich in culture. Your hotel is in the middle of the town. Surf lessons are included in the afternoon, followed by dinner and then party.

You’ll be given few suggestions of where to eat. Sea food as main dish changes along the route, so it worth to treat yourself with this gastronomic experience. Your hotel will be ready to welcome you as soon as you arrive.

⌵ DAY-3: Montañita - Puerto Lopez

⌵ DAY-3: Montañita - Puerto Lopez

DAY-3: Montañita - Puerto Lopez

Distance: 45km (45 miles).

An early start will begin with breakfast and then off to Puerto Lopez, where a full day tour will be waiting for you at la Isla De La Plata, where snorkeling and whale seeing will take place. An english speaking guide will be with you at all times throughout the day.

A very special place has been selected for you to stay over night. This Eco-Lodge has unconventional decorations all over and every room has a theme, that has been the hard labor of an Italian and Swiss artist in the country for the last 18 years. Also the best place to have dinner.

⌵ DAY-4: Puerto Lopez - Manta - Crucita

⌵ DAY-4: Puerto Lopez - Manta - Crucita

DAY-4: Puerto Lopez - Manta - Crucita

Distance: 140km (88 miles).

Leaving Puerto Lopez with a full stomach you’ll continue with the Spondylus route towards Manta , visiting first Los Frailes Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country in a protected area. The curvy roads to reach this place will make time to just fly. As soon as you reach Manta, Playa del Murcielago will be the spot to try the local cuisine, while enjoying the Pacific breeze. Also on the way, you’ll see the locals working on their Shrimp farms, which covers many acres of terrain.

As soon as you take off with a happy spirit, the next point is Crucita, where the hotel will be ready to receive you based on single occupancy. Depending the wind conditions, a paragliding flight will be ready for you as soon as you’re done with the check in. You’ll fly over a cliff with laminar winds admiring the sight of the coast all the way to Manta, where you had lunch.

This small town is also known by their covachas at the beach. Lovely cocktails are served passed sunset time with music and a very refreshing environment, just few meters away from your hotel.

⌵ DAY-5: Crucita - Bahía - Mompiche

DAY-5: Crucita - Bahía - Mompiche

Distance: 247km (154 miles)

Starting your day with a glorious breakfast, the ride will pass through several villages that lets you know the story of how these were formed; based on inmigrants that traveled from other countries, including slaves from Africa in Colonial times.

As soon as you reach Bahia de Caraquez, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the coast, a tour on kayaks will be waiting for you. Again, the cuisine changes in the Shrimp’s Capital. With a full stomach, you can take your motorcycles towards Pedernales. The village became famous after a 7.2 earth quake that hit Ecuador in 2016, being one of the strongest we ever had.

Riding north, on one of the most fun and twisty roads at sea level, you’ll reach today’s destination: Mompiche. This town belongs to the province of Esmeraldas. The coast on this province will delight your sight with their small islands all over the coast. Local fishermen are pretty friendly and happy to tell stories and explain their work, which besides tourism, is the biggest income they have.

⌵ DAY-6: Mompiche - Quito

⌵ DAY-6: Mompiche - Quito

DAY-6:Mompiche - Quito

Distance: 407km (254 miles)

Returning to Quito, after your breakfast. The changes in weather starts up again as we start ascending to the Andes. Make sure you have inner layers and warm clothes handy. You’ll pass by Santo Domingo de los Colorados, which is the perfect stop for lunch. A diversity of food can be found on this city. Recommendations will be given of the whereabouts to eat.

The ride up can be quite challenging as altitude is raised in a short period of time. We’ll be waiting for you at our headquarters with a warm drink or a beer, whichever suits you best and to hear your stories and experiences.


Once you have decided to start with this adventure, we give you the tools to enjoy your riding skills and satisfy your adventurous soul with the best bikes out there and in a country that deploys all its beauty just for you. We understand that sometimes, specially traveling with your peers, starting your journey from the center of a main city can be quite challenging due to traffic, stop lights and just by being in a different country, hence, we offer you the chance to pick your bikes outside of the city where highways merges for all four directions in the country: north, south, east and west, at no cost. We’ll pick you up from your hotel and will take you where your gear is ready.

At your hotel from the airport, drop us a line to arrange the details for the meeting the night before your tour. If you wish to be picked up at the airport for us, we can arrange it to bring you to your hotel in Quito at a cost of USD 25.

In the briefing we will review your tour package and will got through your selected gear. Upon a quick talk on safety, country laws, get to meet your tour guide and goodies about the tour, we’ll enjoy a nice dinner admiring the view of the city lights.

Our first day will start pretty early. You will be picked up from your hotel at 7:30.

Upon the end of your tour, we’ll have a quick talk to know how you liked it, and have a beer along.




  • Ready to roll fully fueled unlimited Mileage Motorcycle Rental with all the toys installed.
  • We do provide you with Helmets (2), however, we know how comfortable a trip can be with your own gear in hand, specially helmets and boots. Hence, if you prefer to bring your own helmet and boots, we can store them, until the end of your stay in Ecuador so it won’t be a hassle.
  • Preprogrammed GPS with the route, hotel locations and points of interest.
  • GPS tracking system with a panic button on each bike for you to use, and with it, 24 hour assistance from our support center.
  • Single occupancy base in 4 star luxury hotel and eco-lodges.
  • Briefing the day before we start. (here is where your adventure begins).
  • Specified Meals in the tour (breakfasts and recommendations about where to eat).
  • Bullet proof Travel Insurance. Please visit our insurance page for details: www.ecuadorbikerental.com/insurance
  • Activities specified in tour.
  • Souvenir Buff.
  • First aid kit
  • Tax Exemption for non-Ecuadorian riders
  • Quito Tour Bus Ticket
  • Tire repair kit, including a portable air compressor for your party
  • 25 lt saddle bag or hard luggage system
  • Pre-paid cellphone with support available 24 hours
  • Joe Rocket protective gear (jackets, pants, boots and gloves)
  • Waterproof two piece suit with reflective protection


  • Voucher for a security deposit using a major card is required.
  • Ecuador IVA tax (if you’re Ecuadorian).
  • Hotel accomodations before and after your tour.
  • Alcholic beverages.
  • Unspecified activities
  • Gasoline during your tour (the bike leaves our offices with a full tank)


USD $1380
USD 1578
USD 1578
USD 1837
USD 1902
USD 2028
USD 2207
USD 2207
USD 467

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