So simple as hop on your selected motorcycle and, follow a GPS route. Our motorcycle self guided tour are designed, for people who have traveled before on motorbikes abroad, so they know how to follow routes. Because all accommodations are pre-booked and, activities as well, you can enjoy the ride, simply tracing your path to the next stop.


You can ride along your desired route, at any time of the year. Easier to plan with your party, is the perfect biker getaway for experienced riders. Although a Garmin GPS is provided, our GPX files for the routes, can be imported in a variety of devices and, mobile apps. This is to ensure, that you ride at ease, with the tech you are used to.


Hotels and the rest of your logistics, are already taken care of. Even when you’ll be riding on your own, you’ll be far from being alone. Our motorcycles have 24/7 monitoring from our support team, in case you’d need assistance. Besides, in our briefing, you’ll receive a summary, sheet containing time and, distance references, points of interests, suggestions of where to eat, what to visit, your activities and, gas stations.


Bare in mind that, previous experience is needed for these type of adventures. Even when our support team, will make sure you receive the help needed, there won’t be someone in-situ helping you. However, a mechanical briefing will be given to you, on how to use the tire repair kit, the tool kit, the portable air compressor, the first aid kit and, the tracking system. All these items, are provided to you, before your departure. For your party, we also offer Scala PackTalks intercoms.

Select your desired motorcycle self guided tour, sign up for it, then choose the motorcycle you would like to use, choose any extra item you would like to add and, check out with your tour all set!