Guided Tour

Completely relaxed, enjoy your adventure engaging with this new environment free of any possible concern about logistics, everything is sorted. Your party will have a full support team behind their back.

Our tour guides are qualified riders that they feel more like a Swiss army knife, they are good multilingual mechanics, trustworthy adventurers with different backgrounds: mountaineering guides, rock climbers, even musicians.

The hotels we use are 4+ star hotels and the best eco-lodges based on single occupancy to give you the proper rest you need. In some tours, specially off-road, to fulfill the desire of being involved fully, tents are used. We offer you the best without the need to increase the price thanks to our agreements with the different local hotel chains in the country.

Ecuador is rich in culture, therefore, we strive to show you as much variety of the local population as possible.

WITH THE MOTORCYCLE GUIDED TOURS WITHOUT FIXED DATES, our guides will are available for you at any time. Select your desired tour, sign up or sign in into your account, then choose the bike you would like to use, choose any extra item you would like to add and check out with your tour all set!







North-West Culture Revival - Guided Tour

From $1,805.00
The Amazon Basin
450 Km (280 Miles)
55% Asphalt, 45% Gravel
Chill On Highlands

4 days | 3 nights


Off-Road Expedition In Ecuador - Guided Tour

From $2,768.00
Take Me To All Three Worlds
1425Km (890 Miles)
80% Off-Road, 20% Asphalt
Chill In The Mountains, Warm In The Pacificcoast

8 days | 7 nights


Hot & Cold - Guided Tour

From $2,631.00
The Amazon Basin
760 Km (475 Miles)
Asphalt 95%, Country Road 5%
Anything To Be Expected, Variable Temperatures

5 days | 4 nights


Three Worlds - Guided Tour

From $3,496.00
Take Me To All Three Worlds
1816 Km
Asphalt 100%
Anything To Be Expected

9 days | 8 nights


Spondylus - Guided Tour

From $3,517.40
The Pacific Coast (Beaches Mainly)
1486 Km (923 Miles)
90% Asphalt, 10% Gravel
Mainly Warm, Chill On Highlands

8 days | 7 nights


Back Road Adventure - Guided Tour

From $3,777.00
Take Me To All Three Worlds
1138 Km (707 Miles)
70% Off-Road, 30% Asphalt
Mild, Chill On Highlands

9 days | 8 nights


Take Over Ecuador - Guided Tour

From $5,785.00
Take Me To All Three Worlds
2300 Km (1430 Miles)
90% Asphalt
Mainly Warm, Chill On Highlands

13 days | 12 nights

We are always expanding our adventures

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