Guided and Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours in Ecuador

Whether it’s a guided tour, or a self-guided adventure, we have the best option for you. Fully flexible in budget, timeframe and, dates, our Motorcycle Tours in Ecuador will allow you to live the experience your way, based on the knowledge of our local guides.

If you are audacious and, adventurous, you can take control of the road, by following a GPS route in our Self-Guided tours. This type of tour is assembled, for people which have traveled before on motorbikes abroad and, know how to follow routes. All accommodations and, activities are pre-booked.

Or if you prefer, with our Guided Tours, an expert guide will take you to check out the best places to ride motorcycles in Ecuador, off the beaten path. You just have to relax and leave everything related to logistics in our hands. You will have a full support team behind you. Also, your whole party will be connected with Scala PackTalk intercoms to your guide, who will be telling you in real time, what you are seeing. So when you leave Ecuador, you’ll have the feeling of a profound knowledge of the country.

Are you worried about matching the date of the tour with your timeframe?, Well, don’t. Even when some of our tours have fixed dates, our guides can accommodate the schedule, to make sure you can ride within your timeframe, so you can decide when to enjoy the “EBR” experience.

Select the route and mode you want, sign up for it, then choose the motorcycle you want to use, choose any additional item you want to add and, you are all set for a ride in Ecuador!