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Four Stroke single cylinder 644 cc. engine. SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder. Chain drive.


54 Nm


44 HP



Weight (ready to ride):

162 kg.

Seat Height:

88,5 cm.  // 34,8 in.


90,3 cm.  //  35,6 in.





Traction control:



48 mpg

Fuel Capacity:

13L //  3,7 US Gallons

ecuador bike rental suzuki dr 650 




Don’t settle, imagine having a blast down thru a back road and suddenly the paved road ends. There is no need to stop. Continue your breath taking journey as this bike is made to go for the extra mile. The handling on this bike is exceptional thanks to its chasis dynamics and sophisticated forks and suspension. For those who love carving corners and the call of the wild, controlling this bike on a beaten path feels just like walking your dog in the park… yes, that easy.

The bike has been enhanced with a bigger gas tank, not only that it would look meaner, but it increases its autonomy to 500 km, (300 miles). Also, the adding of hand guards, side crash bars, rear mountings and a carter protector will help you to enjoy your trip without worrying for the sake of the bike too much. As safety, it has fog lamps

installed. The bike comes with 25 lts. waterproof GIVI saddlebags on each side and a hard top case system to store your helmet and jacket for those times when you want to have a rest.



  • Ready to roll fully fueled tank motorcycle with all the toys explained above mounted and unlimited mileage.
  • We do provide you with Helmets (2), however, we know how comfortable a trip can be with your own gear in hand, specially helmets and boots. Hence, if you prefer to bring your own helmet and boots, we can store them, until the end of your stay in Ecuador so it won’t be a hassle.
  • GPS tracking system with a panic button on each bike for you to use, and with it, 24 hour assistance from our support center.
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Third-party liability and medical insurance mandatory in Ecuador (SPPAT)
  • Disc lock for your bike.
  • Emergency kit, full tire repair kit, portable air compressor and tool kit
  • 24/7 Support and road assistance based on GPS tracking
  • Gloves
  • Prepaid cellphone
  • 25lt. saddle bags
  • Storage for you luggage during your ride
  • No need to fill up the fuel tank on your return
  • Routes and all the good tips and advice we can provide for a safe ride



  • Voucher for a security deposit using a major card is required.
  • Ecuador 12% IVA tax.

Rental price:

  • Daily: USD 112,50

Rental Suzuki DR 650

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