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For those adventurers and motorcyclist enthusiasts, we happily present you the opportunity to have an awesome experience in one of the most beautiful places the world has to offer, a rider's paradise, where in few hours from the capital, you could be either riding in the Pacific Coast, deep in the Amazon, or up high in the Andes. Discover the back roads of Ecuador with the best motorcycle rental and tours service with a full support team, our motorcycles will take you anywhere your spirit wishes to. On a guided tour, a self-guided tour or as rental.

Choose your level of logistics comfort, let our team to do the rest and just enjoy the ride. There are three different ways to live your adventure: 


  • guided tours

    Book your adventure:

    In your hand, now we give you the tools to tell us exactly how you wish to live your adventure with us. This time you tell us, how, when, where, how many and specifics of what you want to do based on your time availability and budget.

  • guided tours

    Book your adventure:

    Completely relaxed, enjoy your adventure engaging with this new environment free of any possible concern about logistics, everything is sorted. Your party will have a full support team behind your back. The hotels we use are based on single occupancy to give you the proper rest you need. Our tour guides are qualified riders that will make you feel at ease at all times. The country is rich in culture, therefore, we strive to show you as much variety of the local population as possible.

  • self-guided tours

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    Simple as hop on your selected bike and follow a gps route. This type of tour is pre-assembled, all accommodations and activities are pre-booked. There is no fixed date, you can ride along your desired route at any time. Easier to plan along with your party, is the perfect biker getaway for experienced riders. Besides, in our briefing, you’ll receive a summary sheet containing time references, points of interests, suggestions of where to eat, and gas stations.

  • motorcycle rentals

    Book your adventure:

    Willing to try something different than the same places you always ride?. Give it a shot to enjoy yourself in an unknown safe environment. Our mission is to help you rediscover or even better, just satisfy that adventure thirst that belongs only to you. Come and treat yourself.


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