You must be over 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license from your home country stating that you’re allowed to ride a motorcycle equivalent to the motorcycle you are renting. Basically it sums up to most countries as full type A driver’s license, or the equivalent motorcycle endorsement.

Other alternative driver’s licenses:

Please note that endorsements such A1/A2, like the ones used in the European Union will allow you to rent only scooters.

From Canada, Ontario: class M1/M2 will also allow you to rent scooters. A class 6 license will allow you to rent a motorcycle.

From Australia: R type license will allow you to rent motorcycles. R-Date will allow you only scooters.

International driver’s license are not a requirement in the country. We will accept your country’s driver’s license as long as it is understandable. Should the case is different, we do encourage you to get an IDP.

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