Simple as hop on your selected bike and follow a gps route. This type of tour is assembled for people which have traveled before on their bikes and know how to follow routes. All accommodations are pre-booked.

There is no fixed date, you can ride along your desired route at any time. Easier to plan along with your party, is the perfect biker getaway for experienced riders. 

Hotels and the rest of your logistics are already taken cared of. Even when you’ll be riding on your own, you’ll be far from being alone. Our bikes have 24/7 monitoring in case you’d need assistance. Besides, in our briefing, you’ll receive a summary sheet containing time references, points of interests, suggestions of where to eat, and gas stations.

Bare in mind that previous experience is needed for these type of adventures, as there won’t be someone in situ helping you out. A mechanical briefing on how to use the tire repair kit, the first aid kit and the tracker system will be given prior your departure.

Please, select your desired tour, then choose the bike you would like to use and send us your details via the fields provided on every tour.