Completely relaxed, enjoy your adventure engaging with this new environment free of any possible concern about logistics, everything is sorted. Your party will have a full support team behind your back. You’d even feel as if you were a motogp rider, ready for the track and to do your thing.

The hotels we use are based on single occupancy to give you the proper rest you need. In some tours, specially off-road, to fulfill the desire of being involved fully, tents are used. But in most of them four + star hotels and the best Eco-lodges are used without the need to increase the price thanks to our agreements with the different local hotel chains in the country.

Our tour guides are qualified riders that they feel more like a swiss knife, multi purpose, they are good multilingual mechanics, trustworthy adventurers with different backgrounds: mountaineering guides, rock climbers, even musicians. Proved to be as good with our customers as they are with local police, they will keep you out of any trouble working along with our support center in Quito and with a mechanic workshop network along the country.

The country is rich in culture, therefore, we strive to show you as much variety of the local population as possible. 

NO FIXED DATES for the tour. Our guides are available for you at any time.