Ecuador Bike Rental and Tours


    Feeling like living something different while enjoying your motorcycle passion?

    Our tours are designed for you to live the adventure at full throttle. It means, that besides the Motorcycle riding, you have included activities that are defined by the zone’s geography. Whether these are river rafting, paragliding, bird watching, chocolate and coffee tours, jungle expeditions and so on, you will always an activity included. The  tour's confidence has been proven over and over again on our bikes thanks to the rigorous maintenance schedule to our vast fleet that includes well trustworthy brands in motorcycles and scooters like: BMW, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki and Ducati. 


    About us:


    Recognized by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador with the `Distinction Q¨ to the highest quality standard in tourist service, Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner was created to show people around the world how much joy there is to ride a motorcycle in a unique country. Novice or expert, there is an adventurous spirit, a unique free spirit that takes you to live unforgettable experiences when you feel the engine, the road, people you meet, flavors, landscapes and cultures in the middle of the world, then you feel in your fingertips you are simply alive.

    Our purpose is that you live on board of the best motorcycles rentals an experience that you will never forget. We love what we do and enjoy the adventure with you.