David “Gambito" Garces An Ecuadorean globetrotter that lived mainly in Ecuador, all over Europe and United States.

Speaks fluently three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

His motorcycle career started at age 14, and since then he hasn’t been able to get off bikes, and has been riding in all sorts of terrains as every good biker should.

He has an amazing short run on super bike races, being on the third place in the Nationals in 2013 and 2014 in the 1000 cc. category racing for Ducati, and 1st place in the 1000cc. Panamerican Championship in Peru in 2015 also racing with Ducati.

He knows the country from top to bottom and is an outstanding pack leader. He’s also a mechanic that puts together a Ducati Diavel on weekends just for fun. Pretty friendly and approachable, he will make sure that your rides will be safe and fun at all times.