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Last weekend the Andes Rider Challenge took place in the southern part of the country. Enjoying part of the Inca roads, descending to the amazon basin and from there to the pacific line, the  endurance covered a distance of 1000 km (625 miles) on all types of terrain and had to be done in less than 20 hours. Of course, Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner was there to test their motorcycles on the most demanding roads Ecuador can offer.

The stage to the first control station, delivered to the riders, roads with rain, dense fog and mud. Quite a challenge not only physically but mental as well. Once passing through the first check point, the beauties of the southern part of  the country was a delight to all participants, that for a bit, forgot the stress of the previous stage. Going up north, they witnessed the majestic Chimborazo as they passed beside the Volcano avenue on their way down to the Coast line.

Riding on the south part of the Spondylus route, they had time to enjoy some well deserved pacific coast food. Ceviches and shrimp rice were the main choices. And then, ready again to ride back down to Cuenca to  finish the endurance.

Our motorcycles and the team we formed with experienced riders, had the expected results. Not only on the event itself but also on the comfort to know that they were all supported by our GPS tracking system and our onsite support center which covered the trajectory of the bikes and was ready to  deploy a team of mechanics and first aid team in our support truck in case it was needed.

We thank the organization of Andes Rider Challenge, specially Cristobal Morejon, for this opportunity given to test our rental motorcycles and the system we use to track and monitor them. Proving its efficiency in one of the hardest endurance events ever made in the country.

And a very special thank you to our customers/riders for trusting on us. Their satisfaction on this adventure was our best reward. As one of them said: "I felt like being on a Dakar rally, with an amazing support team right  behind me”.

We invite you to enjoy an adventure with us. We cover your logistics fully or up to a point you feel comfortable with your adventure, the idea is to enjoy yourself. Our guided tours, self-guided tours and rentals can be mixed with a variety of activities on-tour and off-tour. Discounts and offers also includes Galapagos island, mountain climbing and bicycle tours across the country.

We invite you to visit our gallery for more pictures and videos of the event.

Be welcome to the roads in Ecuador!


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