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⌵ 🏁 THEME: Three Worlds

  • Distance: 1664 km.
  • Days: 7 days / 6 nights
  • Road type: Asphalt 100%
  • Vegetation: Highland forest, Rain forest, Coast line
  • Weather: anything to be expected
  • Guide rider: English, Spanish
  • Rate: PG13, easy ride all along.


Get ready for an exciting adventure in a country of wonderful varieties, natural beauties and countless treasures made by men. Ecuador is a country of stunning contrasts where the highest peaks of Mitad del Mundo, descend to the rivers of the dense amazon basin to reach its final destiny, the deep blue Pacific ocean.

We offer you the most rewarding experience, riding across Ecuador enjoying the unique sensation a motorcycle can offer you.

⌵ DAY-1: Quito - Papallacta - Tena - Baños

⌵ DAY-1: Quito - Papallacta - Tena - Baños


DAY-1. Quito - Papallacta - Tena - Baños

Distance: 322 km (200 miles).

We’ll have a briefing in our offices in Quito, where the last paperwork will be filled, gear will be given and tested and the bike of your choice will be delivered. Then, after a quick brief on roads, safety and a quick guide, we’ll depart on our way.

After that, we’ll continue on our way to Baños de Agua Santa, passing over the highlands of the Antisana Ecological National Park and descending through one of the gateways to the Amazon basin to Tena city where we’ll have lunch. After having a good meal, we’ll head to Baños riding along the Amazon basin - Sierra border.

We’ll check in at the hotel where everything is ready to welcome you after your first day of adventure. Your rooms will be ready and you will be given the keys based on single occupancy, (unless requested otherwise). While our guide fixes everything for you, you can go ahead and relax, unpack and enjoy the surroundings.

Once in the mood for partying, we’ll have dinner to hold strength for the rest of the night. We’ll head out to a bar with a courtesy drink, and then off to the most popular club in Baños to enjoy a night out if you wish to have it.

⌵ DAY-2: Activity day in Baños

⌵ DAY-2: Activity day in Baños


We’ll start a full day thrilled with activities, visiting the main natural attractions of Baños de Agua Santa. You will be able to choose three types of activities depending your likes, where you can just follow your instincts.

Lunch will be served right after noon to continue with the waterfall route, finalizing at the Casa del Arbol (house tree) riding a chiva (party bus), followed then by dinner, we will conclude the day with proper rest for the next day

⌵ DAY-3: Baños - Chimborazo - Cuenca

⌵ DAY-3: Baños - Chimborazo - Cuenca


Distance: 324 km (202 miles).

An early day starts with breakfast, get our gear and luggage ready, check out to continue with our adventure. Cuenca, a city know by being the most delightful city in the country awaits us. The ride will go through the Mountain region to the south of the country, passing along side the emblematic Chimborazo Volcano, the highest volcano in the world measured from the center of the earth.

Cuenca counts with a Colonial and historical contrast will open its doors to you directing us to the selected hotel, that after today’s riding will be blessing to your body. It counts with thermal waters, reassuring your complete rest. A dinner based on local cuisine will make you taste a bit more of the diverse Ecuadorian gastronomy.

⌵ DAY-4: Cuenca - Ingapirca - Guayaquil

⌵ DAY-4: Cuenca - Ingapirca - Guayaquil


Distance: 251 km (157 miles).

After having a proper breakfast early in the morning, we’ll ride back up north to the Ingapirca ruins. The remainings of the only Sun temple of the Inca empire was a place also designed to aid in military strategies. A tour around the ruins will be held there by local profesional guides.

After your tour is complete, we’ll start heading west towards the coast, but not first having a proper lunch based on local cuisine. We’ll reach Guayaquil, one of the main country ports, where our hotel and a lovely dinner will be ready to greet us.

⌵ DAY-5: Guayaquil - Montanita

⌵ DAY-5: Guayaquil - Montanita


Distance: 170

The first thing you notice when you wake up is the warmth of the Ecuadorian coast, having breakfast in one of the main cities of the country, we’ll take direction to the famous Spondylus route, known for assembling the whole coast profile. We’ll head to Montanita town, an international convention center to all tourists and sports. Montanita is also known for its night life and fun everywhere.

The hotel of our selection, will make you feel a groovy sensation as soon as you check in, with your lunch ready. In the same hotel, a surfing lesson is included, which allows you to blend with the locals in their venue.

At night, you will enjoy of the beach ambience, just remember that we’ll need you in one piece the next day to continue with our adventure.

⌵ DAY-6: Montanita - Los Frailes - Crucita

⌵ DAY-6: Montanita - Los Frailes - Crucita


Distance: 202 km (126 miles).

Having our stomachs full, we’ll continue the Spondylus route thought a beautiful landscape and a road filled with twisties towards Los Frailes beach, counted as one of the most breath taking beaches in Ecuador. This is a lonely place, as not many tourists knows about the existence of the beach which makes it one of the greatest to rest and shoot some pictures.

Continue with the Spondylus few hours north, Manta, another important city in the country coast will be waiting with a delightful meal. Manta’s gastronomy is based in traditional sea food dishes with a little changes from the locals.

Following up north, we are reaching Crucita. A small town known for its laminar winds and cliffs, which makes it the perfect venue for any wind sport, including paragliding. Our hotel is waiting there few meters near by the beach. Depending on the timing of arrival and local wind conditions, a flight on paragliding will take place that afternoon, right after our check in. This beach is a perfect chill place at the beach shacks.

⌵ DAY-7: Crucita - Santo Domingo - Quito

⌵ DAY-7: Crucita - Santo Domingo - Quito


Distance: 395 km (247 miles).

Having a full blast and getting to know all three worlds in a short time now takes an amazing end. We’re returning to Quito from Crucita in one of the most beautiful transitions from Coast back to highlands. After breakfast, we’ll have a full day of riding ahead of us. Passing by notorious towns on the way back which changes from one landscape to another, from Cotton tree fields to potato farms, from a Spondylus route to twisty and fun roads across the mountains until we head back to Quito. The changes between weather and landscape are noticeable within few kilometers.

You’ll finish your adventure at our headquarters in Quito, where all began, ready to tell us your stories over a beer with us.


Once you have decided to start with this adventure, we give you the tools to enjoy your riding skills and satisfy your adventurous soul with the best bikes out there and in a country that deploys all its beauty just for you. We understand that sometimes, specially traveling with your peers, starting your journey from the center of a main city can be quite challenging due to traffic, stop lights and just by being in a different country, hence, we offer you the chance to pick your bikes outside of the city where highways merges for all four directions in the country: north, south, east and west, at no cost. We’ll pick you up from your hotel and will take you where your gear is ready.

At your hotel from the airport, drop us a line to arrange the details for the meeting the night before your tour. If you wish to be picked up at the airport for us, we can arrange it to bring you to your hotel in Quito at a cost of USD 25.

In the briefing we will review your tour package and will got through your selected gear. Upon a quick talk on safety, country laws, get to meet your tour guide and goodies about the tour, we’ll enjoy a nice dinner admiring the view of the city lights.

Our first day will start pretty early. You will be picked up from your hotel at 7:30.

Upon the end of your tour, we’ll have a quick talk to know how you liked it, and have a beer along.




  • Ready to roll fully fueled unlimited Mileage Motorcycle Rental with all the toys installed.
  • We do provide you with Helmets (2), however, we know how comfortable a trip can be with your own gear in hand, specially helmets and boots. Hence, if you prefer to bring your own helmet and boots, we can store them, until the end of your stay in Ecuador so it won’t be a hassle.
  • GPS tracking system with a panic button on each bike for you to use, and with it, 24 hour assistance from our support center.
  • Certified, multilingual, resident guide.
  • Single occupancy base in 4 star luxury hotel and eco-lodges.
  • Briefing the day before we start. (here is where your adventure begins).
  • Specified Meals in the tour.
  • Tolls.
  • Gasoline.
  • Bullet proof Travel Insurance. Please visit our insurance page for details:
  • Activities specified in tour.
  • Souvenir Buff.
  • Support Truck for groups of 5+ riders.
  • 25 lts. waterproof saddle bags and a hard top case with its own lock.
  • Joe Rocket textile water resistant jacket.
  • Waterproof touring gloves.
  • Rain Tops (upper and lower body)
  • Touring trousers.
  • Set of tire repair and maintenance tools.
  • First aid kit
  • Guaranteed departure on date.


  • Voucher for a security deposit using a major card is required.
  • Ecuador IVA tax (if you’re Ecuadorian).
  • Hotel accomodations before and after your tour.
  • Alcholic beverages.
  • Tips and gratuities for your guide.


USD 3733
USD 3733
USD 4035
USD 4111
USD 4468
USD 4468
USD 941

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