The capital of Ecuador is a city called Quito, in the valley formed by the Andes in the Pichincha province, right at the foothills of an active volcano also called Pichincha, that means “the good being that makes cry” understanding that volcanoes were divine characters for indigenous groups that existed in the area.

Quito is a city that is part of the UNESCO world heritage since 1978, it´s actually with Krakow, the two first cities in the world to have this title. A place full of history, architecture, colours and people. To rent a motorcycle for Quito is the best option to discover every single corner.

Old town  of Quito is a mandatory stop for  all the visitors, a place with over 30 major religious buildings from the 16th 17th 18th and even 19th century, with a  unique charm.

Ecuador motorcycle tour would let the visitor to have access to lots of places that normally are not visited by a regular customer, enjoy every single landscape with a different perspective.

This magical piece of Paradise located in the área of the Napo province, is a place full of history,, full natural beauty and specially adrenaline.

Ecuador bike rental is the best option to see the incredible landscapes that this región offers, the entrance to the Amazon basin of Ecuador. The área that represents 2% of the whole amazon basin and 45% of our territory. There is no better way to ride through it than feeling the freedom on a motorcycle.

Ecuador generals - People

Talking about Ecuador in terms of its people, can be a very interesting and complex issue because of the diversity of indigenous groups in the different regions. Ecuador bike rental on motorcycle guided adventure tours in Ecuador give us the advantage to explore deeper into the different indigenous groups and regions faster reaching geographical points that not every single visitor that comes to Ecuador gets to see.  Ecuador is divided into 4 natural regions: The Amazon Rainforest, the Andean Region, the Coast and finally the Galapagos Islands.

Imagine riding your motorcycle through a unique landscape in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes! Imagine following the path that was followed by Alexander Von Humboldt in the 19th century while he discovered lots of totally unknown aspects of the geology of the youngest chain of mountains in the planet (it’s only two million years old!!!)

Going way back in time, imagine following areas that back in the 15th century were the main “roads” of the inca civilization while they started expanding their empire, join us on a guided tour discovering the second highest active volcano in the planet (Cotopaxi Volcano 5897 m,a,s,l,), inside of one of the most visited National Parks that we have in this lovely country.

The tourism ministry of Ecuador in order to improve tourism and encourage people from all over the world to come and visit the country, started creating routes, that of course already existed physically, and they were normally visited by Ecuadorians, but they didn’t have a name, so it was impossible to do publicity to sell these destinations abroad, so as a result of this process we have this route called “the Spondylus route”, EcuadorBike rental and motorcycle adventure tours in Ecuador will let our customers to see the essence of the area, such as people in their regular lives, culture and activities, and of course the nature environment surrounding us faster and deeper, thanks to the fact of riding our bikes and the experience in the area.