Last weekend the Andes Rider Challenge took place in the southern part of the country. Enjoying part of the Inca roads, descending to the amazon basin and from there to the pacific line, the  endurance covered a distance of 1000 km (625 miles) on all types of terrain and had to be done in less than 20 hours. Of course, Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipnir was there to test their motorcycles on the most demanding roads Ecuador can offer.

The stage to the first control station, delivered to the riders, roads with rain, dense fog and mud. Quite a challenge not only physically but mental as well. Once passing through the first check point, the beauties of the southern part of  the country was a delight to all participants, that for a bit, forgot the stress of the previous stage. Going up north, they witnessed the majestic Chimborazo as they passed beside the Volcano avenue on their way down to the Coast line.

Last thursday, July 13th, we were really happy to announce the opening of our branch in Quito: Ecuador Bike Rental, a Slepnir company. We had the honor of having as guests, heads of the tourism industry in Quito. 

The evening was filled with joy and happiness, which promises many opportunities for the tourism industry.

Ecuador, the perfect venue for motorcycle adventures, allows you to enjoy fully all its regions as there are no big distances between them. 3 hours riding from the capital you could be at the  beach, and heading west, at the  same distance you will find yourself at the amazon basin.

Ecuadorians are good guests in every way, making your touring experience even more pleasant. Not to mention the gastronomic variety the country counts with.

Ecuador bike rental offers your the chance to get to know the country in different ways, you can go for a guided tour, where a bilingual experienced guide can explain you what you are riding through, like a walked tour in a museum, explaining the story of the place and what it is known for.

For more experienced riders, a self-guided tour can also be an option. A pre-programmed GPS and a tour filled with activities for you to enjoy the country at its best. These activities are meant for all ages, flexible in change.

Also, you can opt to just rent the motorcycle and go on your own. Tailoring your adventure with few suggestions about what you can do in this beautiful country.

Don’t hesitate and miss the opportunity with our monthly discounts and packages on sale. We  have a full team behind you 24/7 so you can feel at ease when it comes to logistics or back up if need it.


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